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  1. Dude its lag compensation, the gm gives the players with average connections an advantage. Google lag comoensation, rhats what you have, only way to fix it is to increase your ping not lower it
  2. Add me im at 1.62 with over 500 wins, im on fios and get 15 ping lobbies, if i was on some lower tier internet i would be over a 3. Its called lag compensation. I play on PC also, Ugotstretched is my tag. Maybe we can figure it out together, shoot first die first, really sucks. Especially in diamond lobbies. If you cant send me a request message me your Name, ill be on most of today.
  3. I have no clue what cybersec or touched anything that says onbfuscated servers. I dont know what that is either.
  4. of course its enabled, ive had a duma since the first weeks of the R1, Nord.
  5. Strict is ticked, that white emblem is the vpn. It pings my vpn. Lol, thats it.
  6. Im getting connected to every place the gm wants. Vpn disregards the geo.
  7. It shows the vpn location, and the server location. It does not filter out servers tho. Its like the geo is reading the vpn ip and not the actual ip. Its like the vpn is tricking the router. Unreal
  8. Yes on the PC, and it just shows where my vpn is located
  9. On PC the geofilter does not work with a VPN.
  10. So on top of the 50 issues plaguing this softwareXR1000, you are telling me i cant use a vpn and the geofilter together? Is this real?
  11. Nope I own the R1, i had the xr500. Its only the xr1000
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