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  1. i never received it, whats your tag Mine is spelled u got stretched, maybe u have to spell with no spaces
  2. Add me bro, u got stretched. From NJ. Xbox
  3. No its still bad, it seems like these games have really altered their netcodes in a bad way
  4. This is a blackout game with a ping of 25. Im on the east coast, how the hell do all these guys get into the same game. Unreal
  5. Exactly, bro im a good COD player, the best i know and the way i get killed is astonishing sometimes. I really believe it just the lag compensation net code. What i believe is happening is simple. I connect to a server at 20 ping, players connect to the server with varying pings, they take the middle of the the pack ping say 50 and the add that 30 ms to my connection. That can be the only possibility
  6. This guy has multiple videos where he is running around and its like players struggle to hit him.
  7. if you watch his gameplay for the minute or 2 hes playing its so slow compared to what i see. I feel like my game runs double this. Its ironic to cause hes talking about youtubers possibly cheating
  8. Ive tried the traffic prioritization and can say for me personally it has done nothing. My connection is simply too fast for COD. I believe players with great connections get some type of artificial delay added to them, even if just a couple milliseconds. The gm runs fast and smooth for me but when engaged with someone Im killed as if playing hardcore mode. All the youtubers who have these amazing game clips you will notice a trend, the game always looks slower, and they rarely take a lot of damage.
  9. With traffic prioritization can i set a number of rules? Or only one at a time? Im assuming i can do multiple as you give multiple ports
  10. What What if i traffic prioritize 1-65535 for tcp udp on both incoming and outgoing?
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