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  1. u have to log into the secondary router and change the starting ip address, then reset both routers.
  2. Yes better games overall. I still use the netduma geo and the duma as my primary router, i just run this old linksys from it. I usually set my location in the Ocean and ping assist on 50. Just Dmz the router you will use.
  3. i Notice the lower the better also.
  4. If any of you are hindering your bandwidth but prioritizing the call of duty port it will still give you full speeds. So if your looking to restrict your bandwidth make sure your Cod ports are not prioritized.
  5. Whatever works for you is great, its the fibre. its too fast for some of these players. As far and limiting packets you cant limit what is not there. Lowering bandwith used to be a fix for me. But this new COD it doesnt do as much. The slower and stable the router connected to your xbox the better the gm plays
  6. i have the netgear xr500 as my primary and the linksys as the secondary. And yes same here the switch to dedis destroyed the gm. Anyone who says ping rules all blah blah blah doesnt have good internet period and must be suffering from a low quality service provider
  7. Im just trying to prove a point, ive been dealing with this for since COD 4, but lag comp didnt get bad til black ops 1. I know a few very good gamers and when i watch youtube videos of players dropping nukes and eating every bullet i can tell immediately whether its legit or not. Dont let these guys fool you. They are great gamers formal and scump, but whats getting more views a 2 min nuke or a sweaty search and destroy gm? The majority of them hinder or alter through linux/netem running through their pc's its all a bunch of bullshit.
  8. Nobody struggles in this noob bum friendly game. Not sure where me and the word struggle go together. Im stating a fact as to me living on top of a server and pulling pings in the teens whenever i want. Whether im on the shit side or the good side of the lag compensation will determine my play style. Im over 2kd and close to 2 in win percentage and thats while being placed in the sweatiest lobbies. As far as formal and many of these other players go, its simple if you watch a video stream and feel players are doing things you just cant, than its 1 or 2 things. 1. Your not that good or 2. They are hindering or altering their lobbies games in some way. You ever watch speros? Swag? When you watch them do you believe what you see? If thats the case ill show you a box of chocolates and tell you its gold and you might go with it. You seem like a good player, so im not knocking you, im stating that i play on super low ping servers with other competitive players and surely enough when the gm is playing bad its low ping when good higher ping. Where you have to take the route to make your connection better with traffic prioritization others like myself need to slow ourselves down anything that makes us any faster hurts us. Not sure what kind of network some of you have, but it sounds like what i had back in 2005. Heres some screenshots of the pings i get and some random games. I can post 10 videos a day in here a day showing off, it doesnt mean the gm is playing correctly. In one of the pics it says moderate nat, i usually am open.
  9. If you live on top of a server with a fibre connection you are at a super disadvantage, now if you live on top a server with an average connection ping etc you will dominate. This games netcode does not play well for low ping players. Unless that lobby is filled will low ping players also
  10. heres a simple explanation, You mail man and mine might be carrying the same amount of mail. But mine is running his route yours is walking. The supervisor (Server) needs to step in and send the slower guy help. Thats lag compensation
  11. You can limit your bandwidth,but the processing power is still there. A 1mb over 1mb connection on a supreme router is better than a gig iver a gig in a slop sink router for xbox.
  12. i was getting decent speeds but i believe they were being processed slower.
  13. Yup like the gm doesnt want you to get the streak
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