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  1. Is there a DMZ setting on the R1 with the software upgrade?
  2. Let me state this, average to bad ping times rule this game. Im on a 1gig up and down line directly connected to the router with every possible setting to enhance my connection activated. Plain and simple a great connection in this game hinders you severely, anyone stating different knows absolutely nothing. If i play on my buddies wifi/crap connection its like im superman. I manage to deal with this nonsense cause im just a great gamer. 330 blackout wins over 2.10kdin every mode high score per minute. But im 90% of the time hindered, how do i know this, simple through 10 years of experience. The only way this router can help you (unless your network is really trash) is by playing across the globe through the geo filter
  3. There is no solution accept to severely hinder your connection
  4. The pings and servers in this game are straight dog shit masked by a detailed in depth game. Doesnt matter if your on a server in your yard its still shit. Try putting your ping on 40 and consistently getting into a game without getting kicked. Another game that shits on players with top notch connections and favors those with average networks. It used to be low ping was ideal now its a toss up, in Cod for example a low ping is a death wish
  5. Its a dumaOS issue my man. If someone is experiencing it on a basic router theres something in their setup that is not configured correct. Its not even a discussion to be honest its the dumaOS, ive played on the OS on the original firmware and all my boys are either on dumas or basic routers only ones with issues are OS users. I downgraded and everything is fine now.
  6. The issue is with the OS. Theres something that is blocking us from the servers. If one of my friends host the lobby my geofilter works perfect, i just cant be the party leader.
  7. 3 plus minutes for a peer to peer lobby whether the geo filter is on or off. All modes, i havent downgraded yet, hoping for a hotfix. I just let whoever im playing with host tge lobbies
  8. Ive played with multiple players a few with the duma and a bunch without, only duma users are having this. If im host i cant find a room, if i join my friends party everything works. Its like the system is detecting something when im party leader and not letting me get into games
  9. Nope its only when im trying to be party leader or solo. If one of my friends starts the party the geo works fine. Its even like this when turning geo off
  10. But if one of my friends without the duma is the party leader i can play fine. The Geo filter and all work perfect
  11. I cant even get into games, nor can the people u know it takes extemely long and has us as the host
  12. Played with multiple people, only my friends with duma have the issue
  13. Its only with players who are on the duma. Even in spectate mode
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