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  1. I have mixed feelings on OG vs DumaOS. OG is less taxing on the R1's CPU which is important when dealing with QOS. fq_codel gives a snappier and more consistent benefit than whatever the DumaOS is using. The DumaOS traffic prioritization is better than Hypertraffic in the R1. I've spent a good amount of time on openwrt and dd-wrt forums and sub-forums reading how people go down a rabbit hole chasing a perfect connection yet never find it. Too many variables to account for. I've gotten good results form running my dd-wrt router and just using the duma for the geofilter. I've gotten good results from running the R1 OG firmware and I've gotten good results from running the DumaOS when using TP but not using the CC. Last test I'm going to do this week is give OpenWrt a try. I flashed a router yesterday with it just gotta find the time to test. I saw a few people had said they liked using openwrt sqm cake/piece of cake for qos then use the duma for the geo filter. Regardless all testing needs to be over a full week. Too many people on here throwing info out after 1 day of testing.
  2. @kinel So in your personal opinion do you think your getting a better experience out of using the DumaOS now rather than the R1 Original Firmware?
  3. I think at this point we have done all we can do with improving our in game experience. MW uses 3 different types of Netcode and it's random as to which version will be used in your game as it's game by game. Next you have to deal with the SBMM which in no way prioritizes connection which again creates more randomness for us. It will be interesting to see how this game plays a month or two from now when the player count drops off as it will stretch the SBMM even further.
  4. @kinel The last thing I got from A7 back then was this. Hypertraffic Udp:bothport: 3074 Udp:bothport: 3076 tcp:dport:443 He used "Reactive" with 88/88 on the sliders His internet package was 120 down / 2.5 up port forwarding 3074-3076 udp 9307-9308 udp
  5. Thanks Fraser. Yeah I see it just cuts off part of the name so you don't see the ports. Got this setup and see how it goes in game. udp:sport:3074-3075 udp:dport:30000-45000
  6. I forget how we did it on the Original R1 firmware but how did we write a port range in port forwarding or hyper traffic? Is it say 3074:3075 or 3074-3075? thanks
  7. @kinel I just downgraded from DumaOS back to the Original Firmware so I can do some testing. I don't feel like search through all the post of your but how did you have your "prioritizing" written in the original firmware? I forgot that hypertraffic was a bit limited compared to traffic prioritizing in the DumaOS.
  8. your chasing a Ghost. His settings aren't going to help you as it's clear this was all netcode related.
  9. He's actually saying he likes the original firmware not the DumaOS. So you going from the DumaOS on the 500 to the DumaOS on the R1 is kind of the same.
  10. Yeah I been using different variations of prioritizing over the past week or so to see what gives me the best results game after game day after day. I have MW on both PS4 and Xbox and test all setups on both. I just like to ask questions when people throw info out so that I'm clear on what they are saying so I can test it. My opinion on this is first and foremost this all starts by not using the Anti Bufferbloat sliders. If you use those that's where the problems start. Prioritizing the ports is the gravy in all this. However too much gravy and you mess the meal up. I just kind of feel the Duma Team could have gave us all this data. I mean they can pull that raw data real quick and break it down step by step for a universal way for everyone to setup.
  11. @blackfirehawk So in your opinion the only thing we should have in the Traffic Prioritizing section is for 30000-45000? Is this how you have it entered? Source 3074:3074 - Destination 30000:45000 UDP Also are you doing any port forwarding or just using UPnP?
  12. We need the Duma Dev's to chime in at this point. I know they busy with 3.0 but I think we need to address why one of the key features of the Duma "Anti Bufferbloat" seems to do more harm than good with MW. Also maybe the Dev's can gives us a detailed list of what they see MW doing port wise for PS/Xbox/PC. I can say since I stopped using the Anti Bufferbloat and prioritized those port ranges the game plays much better hit detection wise. I'm a little mind blown in the difference.
  13. What is the "This" your talking about here?
  14. Try this source 3074-3075 destination 3100-3500 destination 3100-3500 source 3074 - 3075 source 3074-3075 destination 30000-45000 Source 30000-45000 Destination 3074-3075
  15. There is something to this all. I changed my settings last night and the game felt very different. In a nutshell seems like Anti Bufferbloat is causing a delay putting us behind in the game. These settings have a big impact on Hit Detection. The Duma team has to really look into this as to why the Anti Bufferbloat is doing more harm than good in MW. OK this topic needs to be a sticky but in a new thread with a basic setup of what we know is working for both Xbox and PS4. Some basic instructions of what the new people need to do. Call it a Modern Warfare "Workaround" for now.
  16. So with this we have to delete any port forwarding we have. Plus we aren't using Upnp correct? So what about the TCP ports we normally forward? Are we disregarding those?
  17. That's what I was asking for in the other cloud thread and that is for a Sticky with a statement on where they are at with the cloud update so it's clear to everyone.
  18. Fraser not asking for a set date as to a deadline but are we talking a week, 2 weeks, a month or something in 2020?
  19. I felt I offered a great idea of how to handle this so people can be in the loop on this issue. However the lack of response by the Duma team is rather concerning at this point. Just how bad is it? Be honest with us. We all know this game is broken and this new 3 headed monster of a netcode they put in the game is a total cluster F_ _ K. Listen I'll say it again. Over the next month many new Duma owners are going to be MAD as HELL that their very expensive router is failing to deliver in Modern Warfare. So you have a very expensive router that promotes itself as the answer to your gaming problems especially with COD yet it can't do anything for you with the biggest selling game of the year which is COD because......... To be continued
  20. Youtubers cherry pick their game plays that end up in their videos. They also lobby shop. A lot of these guys if they start a game and die while on a good streak but didn't get all their streaks yet will simply quit that game and find a new one. They don't waste time with the BS. So you only see the best but in reality that's not their normal experience.
  21. You guys should make a post explaining the problems you are having with MW as to why a cloud update isn't close to being done yet. Listen people here who spent money on a duma are gonna be mad it's not done but if your open about why I think the majority will accept that the problem is the game not the duma or duma team. You guys are gonna sell a good amount of Duma's this Holiday season. I can see a lot of upset new duma users coming in here in the near future. So it might be best to have the issues on the table so new users come here complain and we can point them to the post explaining the issues with MW and that the Duma team is working on it.
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