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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Borg in NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205   
    any update?
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to kgrm in Internet cuts out periodically   
    Actually I think the problem is the QoS, with the QoS enabled the router stop working after one or two hours and with the QoS disabled I have 24hrs uploading and the router remains stable.
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Rachau87 in Just zero stability   
    After 10+ hours of troubleshooting and reading this forum,  10+ factory resets, 50+ reboots...and 0 successfully geofiltered warzone games, feel like its time to call it quits. As a fellow developer I love where this is headed, but it just doesn't feel ready for prime time, and can't imagine what people who aren't tech inclined are going through. The R2 auto-reboots constantly, struggles to hold a connection, and there doesn't seem to be any firm solutions or guides for problems. Hats off to the support team, you'll are on the ball, and provide excellent and timely support. But for me personally a refund seems to be the best way forward. I just can't imagine how much time and effort it's going to require going forward to get this working let alone maintaining it. Let me know what you need from me, best of luck. 
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Netduma Liam in Replacement does not work   
    Hi Wilson, I've just seen this post but I'll continue to discuss this issue with you over email as we have been.
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    wilsonbx198st got a reaction from Newfie in R2 died   
    I’ll give it a try thanks 
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    wilsonbx198st got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in R2 died   
    I’ll give it a try thanks 
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Netduma Fraser in R2 died   
    Hold the reset button for 30 seconds, then release and wait 1-2 minutes before trying to access.
    If that doesn't work then set a static IP on your PC with the following details:
    IP -
    Subnet -
    Gateway -
    Then try to access it and see if it works correctly.
    If not please link this topic in an email to [email protected] with your order number and we can sort a replacement.
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to N3CR0 in Higher ping servers combat Lag Compensation.   
    People say the same about every CoD and its never worked, at least not for me.
    I can play on 30ms or 120ms servers and it all feels the same.
    I also tried the artificial lag trick and that also made no difference.
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Ali in Halo 5 servers   
    The halo 5 servers were updated and the Domain name is showing as unnamed. Previously it would show the ip of the server being pinged. Anyway this can be updated? 
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to willphule in What is happening with ND support for Destiny 2?   
    As it stands now it seems to do literally nothing. I still connect to slow servers that I have banned that are half way around the world (17b97a4556b61419), geofence doesn't seem to work, whether I have strict on or not. Ping assist seems to work but because I am connecting to banned servers on the other side of the planet everything just seems off. Just wondering where we are at with it. Any of the devs playing at all?
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Knomax in Traffic prortization please read   
    I agree that this dont have place here but as @Locosano said qos is not good..or set up of algorithms is wrong...untill it is fixed i use qos of openwrt ...i dont tell to anyone to dont use Netduma and place it in the corner.....i use another qos and netduma for geofilter until it is fixed.
    In the same logic they doesnt have place here conversations like....headsets....monitors and so on.!!!!
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Locosano in Traffic prortization please read   
    Because the qos of dumaos is not good ... in any case the algorithms used. So everyone is looking for solutions ... even if I admit that it does not have a particular place in this forum but to help users I find it good
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    wilsonbx198st got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in R2 not getting along with my Xbox Series X   
    exact issue.
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to johnnytran in Traffic prortization please read   
    What are the commands for sending it to the router? I've never had to send a setting file over. Also how do we edit the file?
    I think i copied them over
    D:\>scp D:\qos.sh [email protected]:/root
    qos.sh                                                                                100% 1483   483.2KB/s   00:00
    but must have done something wrong, when I tc qdisc i get the below. Looks like nothing changed? I did the bit in local startup and rebooted the router. I created the .sh file by creating a .txt file and renaming it .sh, was that correct? also chmod +x the files.
    [email protected]:~# tc qdisc
    qdisc noqueue 0: dev lo root refcnt 2
    qdisc fq_codel 0: dev eth0 root refcnt 2 limit 10240p flows 1024 quantum 1514 target 5.0ms interval 100.0ms memory_limit 4Mb ecn
    qdisc noqueue 0: dev br-lan root refcnt 2
    qdisc noqueue 0: dev eth0.1 root refcnt 2
    qdisc noqueue 0: dev eth0.3 root refcnt 2
    qdisc noqueue 0: dev eth0.2 root refcnt 2
    [email protected]:~#
    Did i do this bit correct? please match it with my screenshot. Maybe br-lan needs to be eth0.1? I'm using ER-X
    WAN=eth0.2 # change this to your WAN device name *********** eth0.2 is my WAN in SQM settings
    UPRATE=17000 #change this to your 80% kbps upload speed (in kbps)
    LAN=br-lan # change this to your LAN device name ************* not sure if this should be eth0.1?
    DOWNRATE=102000 #change this to about 80% of your download speed (in kbps)
    GAMEUP=400  # throttle your speeds for upload in PS4/Xbox
    GAMEDOWN=2000  # throttle your speeds for download in PS4/Xbox
    Ignore the VLAN interface, that's my eth0.3 port which I don't have my ps4 connected to for this.
    Physical ports on the ER-X - eth0 is my WAN cable, eth1 is ps4 and eth2 is PC

    system log is showing the below, but i can see the 2 files in /root/
    Thu Nov 19 05:13:27 2020 daemon.notice procd: /etc/rc.d/S95done: /etc/rc.local: line 5: /root/qos.sh: not found
    Thu Nov 19 05:13:35 2020 daemon.notice procd: /etc/rc.d/S95done: /etc/rc.local: line 7: /root/gaming.sh: not found
    Are there any steps you needed to do to enable any of this to work? e.g. i had to figure out to chmod +x the .sh files to make the executable, is there any other services or something you needed to enable to have this all working?
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    wilsonbx198st got a reaction from N3CR0 in MTU - Best setting   
    i leave it automatic  i know playstation is 1500 and the xbox is 1480
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Ramesh in Explain these logs?   
    I've connected my ISP modem to a TPlink Switch and that's connected to the internet Netduma R2. I need the switch to do Vlan tagging for my PPPoE connection.
    What are these:
    DHCP packet received on eth0.2 which has no address
    HTB: quantum of class 10007 is small. Consider r2q change

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    wilsonbx198st reacted to SmokeLzzz in Eth0 transmit error   
    Every 5-6 hours my internet will not work it keeps telling me eth0 transmit error and I’d have to reboot my router. Any solutions?

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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Gprime31 in Hard crash R2   
    Fixed for now, I ended up doing 123 then 138 then 179 after each firmware update I powered off, then held the reset button in while powering back on. (Old trick from ddwrt days) and factory reset between each update, so far everything is good. Thanks for the help, I will post an update if anything goes wrong, cheers.
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Dyson350 in New user here, few setup questions about port setup.   
    What purpose does making manual rules serve then?
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Hazrd in Internet keeps dropping/Refund   
    Thanks, I’ll go ahead and try it right now. 
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Netduma Luke M in update 3.0.179 locking router   
    Can you navigate to system information. Can you please send a screenshot of the "System Info" panel, and then double-click on the area labelled "Router Time Zone", and take another screenshot please.

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    wilsonbx198st got a reaction from Neroxnex in ANNOUNCEMENT: New R2 Firmware! (3.0.179)   
    should i update if i have a beta ?
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to bake in Lots of games in Uncategorised   
    Lots of games are listed under the uncategorised application??
    Surely they should be listed in the dumaos classified games??
    I'm on PC btw
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Netduma Jack B in ANNOUNCEMENT: New R2 Firmware! (3.0.179)   
    Hi everyone,
    We know what you’re thinking, and we get it.
    We said R2 updates would be frequent (and they will be), but this update ended up enveloping a lot more than we initially expected. That’s frustrating for you and for us too.
    However, we hope you’ll find the wait was worth it – this is a huge update with fixes and changes across the board. Feedback on the R2 has been great, helping us to improve everyone’s experience while fixing specific problems too. The changelog below shows just much work has gone into this update.
    This is the latest in DumaOS and it sets the stage for new features we’ll reveal in the near future. From all of us at Netduma, thanks for your patience, and for caring enough about DumaOS to stay vocal. We hope you enjoy the latest firmware!
    Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1krvgqi4peslusv/DumaOS-R2-3.0.179.sig?dl=0
    General Improvements
             System-wide GUI improvements.          Memory usage improvements.          Added new Copy to Clipboard button for information generated by Rapp Performance and Device Manager > Wi-Fi Scan (also a new addition).          Fixed initial tour throwing errors if ‘Next’ clicked too early.          Fixed various issues with upgrade process.          Fixed various vulnerabilities. Wi-Fi Improvements
             Improved Wi-Fi band steering.          Improved Wi-Fi range coverage.          Fixed Wi-Fi settings not preserving on firmware upgrades.          Fixed Wi-Fi station details displaying incorrectly if the device is disconnected.          Fixed 5GHz channel not starting correctly when splitting the channels.          Added auto Wi-Fi channel detection, picking the least noisy Wi-Fi channel to achieve better results.          Added Wi-Fi channel width setting for greater control.          Added Wi-Fi region setup to the setup wizard.          Added Wi-Fi radar detection DFS channels.          Added Wi-Fi Performance feature to devices.          Added Wi-Fi Scan feature.          Added more Wi-Fi stations information for better debugging. Ping Heatmap
             Fixed Ping Heatmap displaying multiple graphs when spam-clicking. QoS
             Congestion Control Auto-Setup is now less aggressive - users should see improved results.          Improved QoS Stability.          QoS now loads quicker on start-up.          Fixed QoS not always loading correctly.          Fixed QoS crashes and stability issues.          Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup layout issues when zoomed in.          Fixed "Applying Settings" popup appearing when Auto-Setup loads.          Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup button.          Fixed Auto-Setup not always setting the slider.          Fixed incorrect padding around auto-setup bars.          Fixed Auto-Setup throttling below 1%. Connection Benchmark
             Fixed issues with Speed Test when WAN is disconnected.          Fixed Ping Under Load test not working correctly. Device Manager
             Device status will update between online and offline much faster.          Fixed Device Manager crashes.          Fixed Device Manager spam messages about device status.          Fixed issue where devices sometimes have no name.          Fixed issue when adding a new device causing Rapps to fail. Traffic Controller
    Fixed Traffic Controller causing DumaOS to fail loading Network Settings
             Fixed MAC cloning to update the device interface correctly.          Removed MAC address cloning toggle, added reset button.          Added more special characters for Wi-Fi password entry. Misc.
             Updated to use new multi-threaded webserver for faster GUI loading.  
    Installation instructions:
    Download the file above Open DumaOS at or /dumaos/ Click the three dots in the top right of the interface Click Update Click 'Select Upgrade File' and choose the file you just downloaded Click 'Upgrade' and wait about 5 minutes for the update to apply Do not unplug your unit during this time!
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    wilsonbx198st reacted to Netduma Fraser in ANNOUNCEMENT: New R2 Firmware! (3.0.179)   
    Yes I'd recommend it just in case there was a last minute change.
    Reboot the router and then try to update immediately.
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