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  1. Yes via ethernet, hopefully your team will find the culprit what is causing the random disconnects.
  2. I have a Arris sb82000 modem connected to the R2 wifi is off and then asus ax5400 as a Ap for wifi extender since it has a much better wifi range and I get the disconnects. I really hope you guys resolve this disconnecting issue, this issue has dropped your brand reputation really bad.
  3. Supposedly after New Years there’s a beta out for some it fixed the disconnect issue...not for me I ultimately bought ASUS router got tired of all the bugs the software has, I’ll give it another try when the next build comes out.
  4. I received my replacement yesterday (R2) and the led for the internet doesn’t light up I can’t connect this router to the internet I’ve done cable replacement rebooted modem and done factory reset on router and nothing also updated the firmware I guess it’s a faulty unit...any help @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Liam
  5. The bottom was extremely hot I turned it off and let it cool for a full 24 hours but it seems it’s dead non of the led are turning on but the power led and computer is not communicating.
  6. need some help with the r2 did a factory reset on the router and after the reset it went kaput any help @Netduma Fraser thanks. cant get in the interface at all not respond and the router is extremely hot to the touch.
  7. this is while the internet went away and my data speeds is maximum 1gb ill try to take a screen shot again when i get the chance. dont you think the "memory free" is too low because everytime the router stops working is when the memory is very low.
  8. replicated the issue and here are some pictures on the rrap hopefully that helps turned off qos like you recommended @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Liam
  9. hey!!! well its over 13gb and i have a 1gb data plan @Netduma Liam
  10. so i noticed when i try to upload a large sized video from my ipad to google photo it breaks the r2 leaving me to disconnect the router both wired and wireless looses connection @Netduma Fraser can you have your devs look into this and am in version .179.
  11. ps5 runs 60 but if you put it on perfomance but itll do 120 but with screen tearing they will come with update soon.
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