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  1. ps5 runs 60 but if you put it on perfomance but itll do 120 but with screen tearing they will come with update soon.
  2. also having issues with my xbox series x with the r2
  3. i dont know how far away am from them am in the east coast but ping for me is 10/16 ish.
  4. whats your ping in games? am loving the cold war hit reg
  5. they should but itll probably the newer controllers and if the old one would want to work most likely a firmware update needs to be released
  6. ok, i was just messing around and noticed went back to my old settings because the router lost connection again.
  7. I was tweaking around and I notice that the R2 doesn’t stick to the channels I choose @Netduma Fraser
  8. i leave it automatic i know playstation is 1500 and the xbox is 1480
  9. yes, i changed my modem and ping overall is but more stable but before you change modem make sure the modem you plan to get is compatible with your isp
  10. do what i did and you should be good let me know if it stops disconnecting.
  11. its a wifi issue i had the same thing only way how i managed to make it work is turn off dns upstream and look for your service provider dns and on wifi channel and channel with put on automatic that completely fixed my issue but youll get slow wifi speed on your wireless devices.
  12. well first off whos your provider ? what type of ethernet cables do you have and modem type that all plays a huge roll ,also did you have similar ping before changing to the R2?
  13. are you wired, wireless? that ping is pretty high
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