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  1. did you do a factory reset after the update? also remember to restart your modem to renew the dhcp...
  2. Wireguard has been on the R2 since the last update. With open VPN it is easy to bypass low bandwidth. Just put VPN only on the game ports you use!
  3. Fuzy


    Ok cool my friend. Could you post a windowed video with said xbox SX streaming (xbox companion) as well as the page of prioritized ports (3075-3075 udp) on the R2 by launching a multiplayer game on COD VG. You would be very kind.
  4. Fuzy


    Definitely not! If not how ????
  5. @Netduma Fraser Was it a "CGNAT" issue? It would be necessary to create a subject to explain that it is about an internet service provider which divides an ipV4 address between several users with a port range limited by user!
  6. "internet rj45 - your white modem/router blue rj45 port WAN" or WIFI - your white router yellow rj45 port to blue rj45 port of R2 WAN - your PC game console or other on the yellow rj45 port of R2 LAN. combo... direct internet on the blue port of the R2.... Where does the internet come from to you? WIFI direct on you white modem ?????
  7. you can see the port to Transfer in the network settings of the game mine changed from 3075 to xbox nat port! this should not be the case for you!
  8. what works for you is not a common fact! maybe a difference between Europe and the USA but I don't believe it!
  9. Wrong, the only prioritization port that works now is the nat port selected on the xbox! If I select for example the 56697, the nat xbox live and COD VG + WZ goes through this port! Obviously this is the solution found by xbox to get an open Nat for several consoles on the same line on the same game! Ports 3075 to 3079 are obsolete!
  10. Since this update (Open NAT), you no longer have prioritized traffic on port 3075?
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