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Found 11 results

  1. Don't know if this possible or not but I would love to see a feature like smart queue management in the future of Duma OS. The current qos is wonderful and allows plenty of opportunity to experiment with your connection to find what's best for you, but for users that just want to hop on and game while ensuring latency and bufferbloat is low sqm would be amazing. I'm thinking maybe we can have an option to disable the cc slider and flower and select the sqm feature then simply input the expected speeds from the isp. If sqm isn't giving you great results, then simply disable and reenable the cc slider and flower.
  2. I see there is no Geo Filter profile for Destiny 2 - Xbox....So how can I set BufferBloat just for one specific console? Is this not how it works? Can someone explain? Is it smarter to leave it on "When High Traffic is Detected?" Thank you!!
  3. In my qos settings when i go to change my sliders my download seems to work but when i change my upload slider and go run a benchmark in the dumaos upload stays at 100% even though i set my slider to 70% 60% or 30% i thought it may have been a bug so i factory reset the router and did another qos test and still same results my upload doesnt change only download works so im getting bad upload bufferbloat!
  4. Hello, As a lot of us are spending a lot more time on our home wireless networks these days I've started to get annoyed by connectivity problems that had me digging into my network setup a bit more. I became aware of the concept of bufferbloat and did a number of tests using Pingplotter. What I've found is that I can easily saturate my connecting triggered very high latency and massive packet loss. None of these problems exist on my wired connections, as I have gigabit up & down that is nearly impossible to saturate. In playing around with the anti-bufferbloat settings I found that if I restricted things way way down (50mbps) that the wireless connections would behave. Obviously this is not an ideal solution though, as I have a decent amount of hardwired devices throughout the house that take advantage of having much faster speeds. From what I can tell, my other option would be to manually crawl through the bandwidth allocation and set caps based on wired or wireless devices. This isn't really ideal either, as my devices table is huge and I don't want to have to go manually adjust the limit every time a friend brings a new phone over. It seems like this should be a common use case...are there any other options that I'm missing here?
  5. Guys whoever can help me optimize my settings ill really appreciate it I'm a cod player and I'm trying to have the least buffer bloat and ping as possible if anyone has some expertise in this field please lmk the support hasn't contacted me back after emailing them and I'm trying to fix this as fast as possible thanks so much to any of the help!
  6. Alright I just recently spend almost $300 on the xr500 for my gaming experience. I play on Xbox one mainly shooter and the only games I play are cod, Apex legends, destiny2. I am frustrated I did everything optimally suggested from the dumaos yet I have a horrible experience when gaming. Example! If I see my target first and I shot first and I did everything right on my part I shouldnt be the 1st one to die instantly. So I knew something was off because it was like this for the other games so I went and tested my bufferbloat on dslreport.com even though you guys are telling me use pingplotter etc I'm not wasting my time downloading a free trial of bs when I clearly feel the difference in my gaming and dslreport is accurately confirming it... I seriously need some help if not I'm just going to return this product. Like $300 of false advertisement? Wow!
  7. yes I am aware i posted a catchy title, but thats far from being wrong. I dont know what is wrong with Duma OS but i am just about ready to revert back to the old software. I cant seem to get anything but hitmarkers in games when i know for a fact my connection should be solid. I have posted previously with excellent ping stats and near to no jitter at all. i live off a main fiber line and am able to have access to fiber service so i would find it hard to believe my isp is at fault since all my tests prove my isp is A+ quality. With Qos on i get excellent buffer bloat and an A rating, and C quality (to many retransmissions). Without qos on i get horrible buffer bloat (obviously the test will max out the buffer) and excelelnt quality. ive had sliders at 90/90 70/70 and ipv6 off and NOTHING fixes this stupid issue of having constant hitmarkers when i know i shouldnt have that. yes the host filter works fabulous, but sadly the rest sucks. , my speeds are way slower than anything and the wifi on the r1 is trash (sorry its an old standard i know). anyways whats a guy gotta do to get a A all across the board or better? BTW my idle lag is 20-30 ms.... kinda way higher than should be as well....just saying, ive hadd routers before with way less. It just seems like one way or another i cant catch a break and i was one of those excited for Duma OS. The old firmware was better to me consistently on a DSL connection.
  8. I just bought the xr500 and was hoping to fix bufferbloat on my slow connection (3mbps down 0.32mbps up) I get a score of F without enabled, and a C or D with it enabled. While it has helped some with the score, still not fully helping the situation. Is there some connections that just will not receive an A for bufferbloat? Ping using speedtest typically is 16 to the nearest server so ping is not the issue. Has to be overloading somehow. And before anyone says upgrade your speed, that is out of the question. No other options are in my area and no speed upgrades available. Any help would be great! Thanks, VitalNotion
  9. hi guys Got my new XR500 yesterday and love the product! My question is on the bufferbloat side especially on the upload side. i have done multiple tests on DSL Reports (uk) i can control my download buffer but my uplaod buffer is really bad my idle is 12ms to 15ms download i can get 15-20ms and upload is 20-140ms ive tried the sliders at every possible percentage but i i can not control my bufferbloat on the upload. i tried pingplotter and nothing is wrong with my network. i have the R1 and i can control everything. idle is the same download is 12-15 and upload is 12-15 aswell? i have tried the "always on" and turned it off but nothing is working? can you assist me in this matter? kind regards john
  10. I've been trying to specifically limit my PS4 vicariously through my laptop... So, I've been trying to find the sweet "buffer bloat" spot by testing my laptop in various settings... unfortunately I can't set a fixed speed for it... Capping my upload & download for the purposes of streaming isn't a viable option because I stream at 1080p @ 8Mbps. I have FIOS 300/300 and it would only make sense that I should be able to set apart something similar to a QOS. If I cap my UP & Down at 80% My Primary Router is the Netduma R1 and all the devices go either directly to the Netduma or connect via an 8-port switch to the Netduma. It seems like a poor design to not be able to set a finite speed, also I was considering having a 2Gbps line run... I noticed that the cap can go no lower than 10%... trying to achieve this prompts errors... According to the link on the bottom of the page, 11 months ago, you folks were going to release a feature that allowed this on the "next update"... I'm sure we many many many updates into the future... Not trying to blast anyone here... just trying to figure out how we CAN truly make this the BEST gaming Router in the World. At this point I'm simply better for the money with a Nighthawk... QOS seemed to work better for me when I was using it as I could use QOS on a per device basis... and it was set it and forget it... http://forum.netduma.com/topic/14374-feature-request-limit-uploaddownload-to-specific-speeds-for-specific-devices/
  11. Bonjour à tous! Voilà une question que je me pose depuis un petit moment, j'aimerais savoir pourquoi mon bufferbloat ne reste jamais pareil? J'ai bien suivi les posts de chive et régler correctement le netduma, mais voila aujourd'hui je vais avoir A+ de partout par exemple, et demain mon bufferbloat va varier entre B et C sur dslreport sans avoir modifié les réglages. Qu'est ce qui provoque cela, est que le FAI (ISP) y est pour quelque chose? Merci.
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