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  1. Tried doing the same thing with the android phone but no luck, DHCP - (connected- no internet ) Static- ( connected- no internet) IP address: Subnet mask Router DNS
  2. My phone ended up getting the ( connected, no internet ) As well as one of the smart TV's Both used DHCP. I tried using static IP addresses for both of them, and power cycled the phone and TV but still came up with ( connected - no internet ) But eventually started working after 15 minutes or so.. I set them back to DHCP when it wasn't working with static. ______ Right now it's occuring with the IPad iOS 12.5.4 ( doesn't have random/private Mac address toggle ) Comes up as follows: IPV4 Address Configure IP automatic IP address: Subnet mask: Router: Blank That couldn't be more wrong. It should be IP address Subnet Mask: Router: ___ I checked 2 of the ps3s and the NAT Type is as it should be ( NAT TYPE 2 ) __ I also found that one of the other phones ( android ) are coming up as (connected no internet) On the iPad I set up a static IP address, and it still came up as ( connected- no internet ) then I disabled the wifi for 2 minutes or so then tried again, it decided to work, so I then tried to swap it back to DHCP and it's connected and is able to access the internet
  3. Will do. Another note, I'm really wishing that Netgear allows the hybrid VPN to be added to the XR1000. I payed $130 for a years worth subscription to a VPN and I can't really use it on my PlayStation, I could use a the DNS server the VPN provides but the ping is way too high ( can't choose the location of the VPN server ) can't even use it on the smart TVs to unblock Netflix in different countries so it's pretty much a huge loss
  4. In the device list I discovered that 1 iPhone had two Mac addresses, I rebooted the XR1000 and removed both of them and also turned off the Mac address randomisation ( private addresses ) then reconnected the iPhone, hopefully this was the cause of the issue. No other devices use Mac address privacy that I know of ( changes Mac address )
  5. Rebooting the XR1000 seems to be the only remedy for this issue. I reboot it almost every day because of this issue
  6. I turned private addresses off on the iPhone and it still doesn't get internet
  7. I've removed all the IP addresses from the LAN DHCP ip address reservation table, since it wasn't helping. Comes up with this on some devices: Failed to obtain an IP address, IP configuration failure, Connected- no internet. I'll try that out
  8. I'm not too sure, next time it happens I'll pay closer attention to it. But what I've noticed is that when it happens, some devices are effected and come up with "connected, no internet" And some devices are unaffected. But with the effected devices as I've said before in my other post, Ive tried to manually specify: IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS. And still had the " connected, no internet" Makes no sense. On one of the phones it even failed to Obtain an IP address and I tried the troubleshooting mentioned above. I'll let you know if it happens again and if the Nat type or DHCP happen at the same time
  9. Just a follow up, on the games consoles the Nat type comes up as ( NAT TYPE FAILED ) when this happens, only way to remedy this is to reboot the XR1000. This can happen while the DHCP issue is occurring, and it can happen without the DHCP playing up. I've posted this in the (Nat type trouble on the XR1000 ) since it seems to occur at the same time but not always.
  10. Just a follow up, on the games consoles the Nat type comes up as ( NAT TYPE FAILED ) when this happens, only way to remedy this is to reboot the XR1000. This can happen while the DHCP issue is occurring, and it can happen without the DHCP playing up
  11. yeah its an iPad Mini 2, the latest IOS version is 12.4 I think this is how I have LAN DHCP setup LAN TCP/IP Setup IP Address: IP Subnet Mask: RIP Direction: both RIP Version: disabled Use Router As DHCP Server: Enabled Starting IP Address: Ending IP Address: I have game consoles and computers already in Address Reservation, haven't changed it since installing the firmware you provided
  12. yes I set the LAN as, as was the same gateway as the Netduma R2 I was using, just so I didn't have to re-enter everything password/SSID or change the gateway, and devices IP addresses (static IP's) the iPad version 12 doesn't have Private addresses, can't be updated just checked google Chromecast also had the same problem at the time. I couldn't check if changing the network profile from Private to Public would work or not on the computer. Chromecast wasn't connected to the internet either as mentioned above, and someone wanted to stream Kayo so I had to restart the XR1000 just so everything could connect to the internet again ( temporary fix ) there seems to be a big issue with DHCP, but as I've shown previously, I tried to manually specify the IP Address/Gateway/SubnetMask/DNS which again, should have worked but hasn't when it happens to the computer again ill set the Network Profile to Public and see if it detects an internet connection ( IPV4 )
  13. yes I factory reset the XR1000 when updating the firmware you provided, the problem has occurred again, on both the iPad and this Computer, I had to USB tether my phone to the computer to get internet. here's what shows up. the iPad doesn't have a private addresses option. I've tried setting up a static IP for the Computer, didn't work. doesn't work with Obtain an IP address automatically, as well as trying different DNS servers
  14. I'll try disabling private addresses once the IPAD has connectivity troubles again. this issue isn't just for the iPad, it also happens to consoles, computers, my android phone. my android doesn't have private addresses listed in the WIFI settings and it also runs into connected but no internet
  15. all that comes up is auto-join: enabled IPV4 Address Configure IP: Automatic aka DHCP IP Address: Subnet Mask router DNS: manual at the moment its working because I restarted the XR 1000
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