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  1. This xr 1000 is definitely the worst experience I've ever had with routers, that happens to me like once every two weeks to a month, always resetting factory settings, wifi just stops working for no reason etc.. and more annoying is how long for devs to come out with a fix, I bought this router on release and it's been the same since then so nothing has been done about it.
  2. Keeps doing same thing so all I'm doing now is going to device manager and blocking the device when I want to
  3. Ok so I have a problem with the way this is working or not working, so I'm trying to limit the time someone plays in my network so first since it was the first time I used it I was clicking for the time I didn't want him playing (dark red) but realized it was blocking on the (light red) times because on event capture it said 9am is now active meaning (blocking time) and it was blocking traffic, so I change it to (dark red) on the allowed times and (light red) for blocked times which according to event capture it worked cause now it changed to inactive but for some reason it keeps blocking all traffic on ps4, so I ps4 didn't connect until I turn off rules all together. Please help or explain. I don't want him to play from 12am to 10am. Below there's pics of how I have it now which is (light red) for blocked times, when I did it first it was (dark red) for the same times.
  4. OK i'm doing the firmware now, no i didn't do anything with geo filter it has given me the error like 3 times already and the only way i can get rid off it is by rebooting.
  5. Ok this is where I am so far, I did congestion auto setup and choose prioritize ping, it took the sliders to 0 and 0 than I got message not to have it that slow so took it up to 15 and 15 but now get filter not working/can't play, message in picture popping up
  6. I'm gonna disconnect sx10 and sell it then and just use r2, is there a reason I should buy the s8000? Should I mess with any other settings on r2? Thank you everyone
  7. I'm trying to figure out what settings I need for my setup, I feel like nothing really changes with bullet registration or connection, doesn't matter if I have r2 settings on or off (70/70 geo filter etc) I feel like everyone has better connection than me, I die against every weapon like if it was a sniper, literally feels like I'm getting one shoted with every weapon, dying behind walls etc... really tired of messing with this and buying so many things for everything staying the same, i have bought early adopter r1, xr500 and now r2 and sx10 switch, do i need to mess with port forwarding or dhcp or anything? Please help, I really appreciated.
  8. yeah i guess my line is messed up cause its all over the place without watching nothing.
  9. No I haven't try that, definitely trying that now, I just bought a new modem Netgear cm1200 cause I just found out about the puma6, just finished reading it and it definitely improved a lot also turn ipv6 on and for some reason improved some more, gonna check this now to see if everything is ok, thank you.
  10. Recommended 70 70, device priority Xbox, share excess on. Also played with the percentage a lot started with the 70/70 went up from there by 5s, like 75/75, 80/80 and so on.
  11. I'm also having similar issues I play COD bo4, when I have qos on! my bullets turns into marshmallow and when I turn it off it feels really good Which makes no sense at all, it felt liked it worked way better on the r1, I'm frustrated with all this issues, first I had the r1 early adopter and was pushed to upgrade just because the r500 gets dumaos before r1 and now it feels like I downgraded. I'm about to but the Asus RT-AC88U and see if it's less headache to work with. Don't get me wrong I love all the ideas of dumaos but I really feel like the developer were more productive when they were starting the company compare to now.
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