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  1. So after all the huffing and puffing about new firmware, I finally have seen an option to install the latest V2.3.2.56. I followed the steps through the firmware update page in the router, the router reset and nothing seems to have changed the firmware version in the setting screen still has V2.3.2.40 for the firmware version. When I go to the update page now it says there is no new firmware available. What is going on?
  2. Alex, Thank you. Just hope we can see the new firmware soon.
  3. I think I have missed something: Is the new firmware ending in 56 real, imagined, or do you have to be a special person to get it?
  4. I would just like to say that I am feeling very let down. It's like being sold a dog that walks backwards wagging its head. It's cute and cuddly but it isn't right. What could be so difficult in fixing the issues?
  5. I agree Zippy, and at least if they had been clear on who was going to support the XR500, it would have made them think how that support was going to be achieved because, at the moment there doesn't seem to be any!
  6. I don't feel the politics of the partnership are relevant with regard to this matter because: 1) If The XR500 is broken, and a new firmware will solve the problem then fix it. 2) What partner wouldn't want it fixed? 3) Knowing when the firmware is going to be released is irrelevant, they could have released several, and only told us at the time of release. Or not released any and not told us (sounds familiar). Or even tell us they are going to release one but not when (sounds very familiar). The last one rings of I know some thing you don't know! especially when technical users of this forum are asking "what firmware? Could you send me a copy?". Nothing like having your nose rubbed in it! 4) The real crux of the matter is: If the problem is real, and there is a skillbase to produce the fix, then why not implement the fix? 5) Finally I am a customer, and not interested in internal wrangling. I just want a product that works, I have (as we all have) invested money in this product and would like to know what to do next. I don't want to have to wait to be told it's an End Of Line, or its a growing pains thing, oh and of course; there is a new firmware coming out, but not when! Ultimately I want to use your product, it's a great idea, and when it works well, there is non better. When I read the adverts about the partnership with NG, and how this router (XR500) was going to be better than the R1, I couldn't wait to have one, I gave my R1 away when the XR500 arrived. Now where am I; with no support for a product that needs it, no R1, and the partners putting the blame on each other, like school children with dirty hands and faces, denying it was them that buried their sisters doll, and what garden/yard? Then pointing at some other kids, saying it was them. Just fix this. You owe it us and more so you owe it yourselves!
  7. Without escalating this to fever pitch, could I ask what are the issues, is there a list, and are all of the issues going to be addressed in the new firmware? There are some comments in this thread that are troubling me, and it seems serious enough for some to stop using the XR500, is this something I should do? I do have gaming issues that in fairness could be related to: ISP, Router, or just my gaming capability. I would like to be able to remove know issues, so I can address the others.
  8. Exactly what I have done, and I would like to say that I thought of it before you mentioned it, but the credit has to go to you. Thank you.
  9. The Netgear guy on the forum has given me an answer, and it solved the problem. I was running the XR500 off the back of my TP-Link AC5400 (even when using DMZ), and that is what was causing ARP spoofing. So it is fixed now, I just need to know what to do with the TP-Link AC5400.
  10. I have raised this as a concern on the netgear support forum, and they appear to be looking into it. If/when I get a solution to this problem I will post back on here to let this community know what if anything is happening.
  11. That has put my mind at rest, though you know what it is like when you get a new piece of tech, and it looks like it's throwing a wobbler. Thanks for the fast response.
  12. I have just setup and started to use a Nighthawk XR500 (Previously using R1 with DumaOS installed), when I looked at the log all I could see was [DoS Attack: IP Spoofing] from source:, port 57985 (This is the routers IP address) . It seems to happen multiple times a minute, the port address changes, and the internet seems to reconnect occasionally. I have added a text file of the full log. I have to have my router connected to the houses main router, though it does come through a DMZ. The R1 worked fine without any complaints with this configuration. Do you have any suggestions? p.s. This is my first post on here, so apologies if I have messed up. Netduma DDOS.rtf
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