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  1. Yeah he’s serious 🧐 there is no light at the end of tunnel it’s a black hole 🕳 The point is people spent hundreds of dollars on a router when the Netgear XR series and NetDuma promised us 3.0 feature’s that taken them two years and maybe even longer and still has bug’s and issues and then they even say that the router’s are at the end of life cycle and like it’s our fault and still doesn’t work they took our hard working money and ran like thief’s as a R1 and Netgear XR500 And XR700 owner hell I even pre-orders the XR500 and XR700 so for going almost over 2yr and nothing fixed and yet NetDuma continues to create a new product like The R2 hell yeah I’m MAD 😡
  2. @raf1212 has a point Fraser from NetDuma I quote from the Netgear Support forum Fraser said At any point in that process an issue could be found and that process then has to start over. I thought 💭 you said Netgear if they find any issue they would not release the firmware you tell us at any point they couldn’t find any issues since there so many issues not fixed and Netgear still wanted to release it WOW 😮
  3. Yeah Fraser from NetDuma but people may not even have a Netgear account hell they my not have access to it so the people can see them here but you keep removing my post’s it doesn’t look good for you when you continue removing some of my post’s you also have a nice weekend
  4. Here we go again Fraser from NetDuma why did you remove my screenshot’s off my post did you not anyone to see them there no memes so what is it that you don’t want the people to see just let the people decide and think 🧐
  5. Well my post kept getting removed from Fraser from NetDuma because I caught them in the lie’s about the firmware so I had to go on the Netgear support forum and Fraser from NetDuma but did not reply on my last post he never responded to my question? So I will ask here ,I received from the Netgear support said that they were waiting for NetDuma to release the new full version of the 3.0 NetDuma OS so are they lying 🤥 Fraser from NetDuma is Netgear lying to me is that what your trying to tell me. Answer my question was Netgear support lying to me ? this post will probably be removed and maybe banned if anyone see’s this post take a screenshot please for speaking the truth and I took screenshot from the Netgear support forum so everyone can see how much they have been trolling Netgear XR owner’s link: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/XR700-DumaOs-3-0-firmware/td-p/2121942
  6. I even sent a message on Twitter on Aug 26,2021 I never got a reply so the next step is to post on Social media Twitter Instagram Facebook they don’t do what they have promised to all their users
  7. I think you should do the same Irving I took photos of this page just in case they decide to take it down and copy your link to
  8. I see they been giving you the run a round to. I’ve been asking the same question and my comments being removed Because according to Fraser I was bullying him for catching him in his lies here a few thing’s the next thing he’s gonna tell you is that they’re waiting for Netgear to release it I’ve gone to Netgear support they say that Natduma has to release it and hasn’t released nothing i’ve got emails and pictures of all the comments and some of the comments that I have posted been removed they even Took down a page about the firmware update for the XR700 here’s a few links and photos i’m just gonna post the stuff on social media see if I can get any help or anything done it’s gonna look bad for NetDuma but maybe it’ll help out all of the other users that have the router’s and paid good money for a product but not doing the Firmware updates like they promised fixing some of the issues
  9. any update's for the forgotten XR700 DumaOs 3.0 firmware ? any thing? And don’t give me the run around answers like last time from July 29,2021 a lot of XR700 user are waiting not fair at all the XR500 and R2 gets firmware updates every day I mean come on really all we ask for to fix some of the issues on the XR700 all we ask is for a firmware update im just going to start posting on social media pictures of the support page whit comments every reply you have done 😠
  10. any update's or are we going to keep getting the run around ?
  11. any update's on the XR700 DumaOs 3.0 firmware. the XR700 Beta DumaOs 3.0 & Fw. V1.0.1.36 as been out for almost a year now any NO update
  12. the savior Bert thanks for the info here we go again netduma sends the firmware to netgare to put the software on the netgare routers so its on netduma for not updating the firmware
  13. here we go a again this is what I'm talking about the run around ,if you don't have control then get someone on the form that does and explain why we haven't had an update for over 9 months it's just crazy on how fast y'all can make a firmare update for the R2,XR500,XR1000 and not the XR700 I'm speaking for every XR700 owner. every time you post something Fraser is we just released firmware update for R2 and XR450/XR500 and NO info of any kind about the XR700 this form page is called XR700 Beta DumaOs 3.0 & Fw. V1.0.1.36 not the R2 or XR450/XR500
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