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  1. the savior Bert thanks for the info here we go again netduma sends the firmware to netgare to put the software on the netgare routers so its on netduma for not updating the firmware
  2. here we go a again this is what I'm talking about the run around ,if you don't have control then get someone on the form that does and explain why we haven't had an update for over 9 months it's just crazy on how fast y'all can make a firmare update for the R2,XR500,XR1000 and not the XR700 I'm speaking for every XR700 owner. every time you post something Fraser is we just released firmware update for R2 and XR450/XR500 and NO info of any kind about the XR700 this form page is called XR700 Beta DumaOs 3.0 & Fw. V1.0.1.36 not the R2 or XR450/XR500
  3. I took a screenshot of this post I made if you take it down I'll just post it on twitter with a link to this form . I just wished that you and netduma and netgear would stop giving us the run around people are done with it , just release the update you can make a update for the R2 and the XR500 and XR1000 every week but not the XR700 that just crazy
  4. you already know Netduma Fraser From Tech & Customer Support
  5. What’s up 🤥 in a week right , just messing with you when is it really coming out
  6. I apologize ,For being loud but come on just be up front with the fans that LOVE y'all and the software . Im just done of getting the run around with netduma and netgear. netgear support is telling me there waiting for netduma for the OS 3.0 and then you Fraser from Netduma Tech & Customer Support is saying waiting for Netgear QA team to approve it before it can go out.It's been 5 months and nothing for the XR700 user . just delete my account man I'm just done . Thank's for all the help you have done.
  7. Hey Fraser if you'er going to edit my post just delete my account .Since you can edit post NOW YOU KNOW HOW FRUSTRATED THE NETGEAR XR OWNER ARE
  8. Really this guy. Then why even give us the option to use that font size. Looks like almost censorship, but ok. Then why even tell us to sign up for the beta from your CEO. I'm just tired of the lies okay. Like you're saying, the R2 is optimized for it. So you telling us that the XR700 is over $500 router with better spec can't handle it. But the R2 $150 can and has high priorities.
  9. We have been waiting for over 5 Months now and ever time they post something its always coming out soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but they make sure that the R1 and the R2 gets the update ASAP in minutes but the Netgear user like XR700,XR500,XR450,XR300, and the latest new router the XR1000 may have to wait infinity it may never come out BOYZ because they are to busy working on the R1and R2 firmware update and yes I put the font size at 72 just to let them know they are doing the Netgear user's Dirty p.s. thank's for the hard work y'all do for the R1 and R2 update's
  10. I have the XR700 and I’m trying to get 2 PS4 on geo-filter to work at the same time and have and open nat type is there any way to do this . Sometimes we both have moderate nat type at the same time or moderate nat type and Strict nat type
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