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    Cajun72 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in WIFI not connecting after factory reset   
    No I didn't change it back I forgot it changed after reset!
    Anyway happy days as I've reconnected the wifi devices so everything ok now.
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    Cajun72 reacted to Netduma Fraser in WIFI not connecting after factory reset   
    The WiFi password will have changed after a reset, did you change this back to what it was on the interface or re-enter it on the devices? If you forget the connection on the devices and then try to reconnect - it should ask you for the password again, does it work?
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    Cajun72 reacted to Netduma Alex in PSN or Microsoft servers for Call of Duty?   
    In terms of graphics, I think it's widely accepted that the consoles go like this, from worst to best:
    Xbox One PS4 PS4 Pro Xbox One X So depending on whether you're going for the low or high end model, that might factor into your decision.
    If you're interested in playing older CoD games as well as new ones, the Xbox One is backwards compatible with Xbox 360 so I think you can play every CoD game on Xbox One.
    As for PSN vs Xbox Live... They're pretty comparable to be honest. I've had more network problems with PS4 myself, as there was a bug that caused the ethernet cable not to be recognised... But that might just be a faulty console!
    I prefer the PS4's user interface but that's a matter of taste.
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    Cajun72 reacted to N3CR0 in PSN or Microsoft servers for Call of Duty?   
    I have both PS and Xbox and I don't think either has better servers. Both pretty much the same from my experience.
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    Cajun72 reacted to Bert in PSN or Microsoft servers for Call of Duty?   
    They are not hosted by Sony or MS, servers are 3rd party hosted. So it doesn't make a different anyhow.
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    Cajun72 reacted to Netduma Iain in DumaOS - Development Update   
    Hello to old friends and hopefully new ones I'll get to know. Sorry I've been away for so long, developing version 2.0 (named DumaOS) has been a mammoth task.
    As a reminder, DumaOS is the next version of the software. We've been working on this for over 6 months now and it is a huge transformation from our older versions. It will be a free upgrade to all NETDUMA R1 customers.
    We had planned on releasing DumaOS this Autumn. However it is been a much larger task than we originally foresaw. As we've gone through development we've realised just how many more features we can add so we've taken the time to do this now to make the OS as great as it can be for you guys. We're very proud of it and we think it blows even our current router software out of the water (which already blew the other routers out the water ).
    The new timeline is below. No doubt some of you may be disappointed and that is fair. But please beware that 1) the upgrade is free of charge 2) we'd much rather give you a stable version with awesome features than a rushed version which is buggy.
    Mid December - Early closed beta: this will be just be a handful of users because most people would not be willing to use this software in this state because it will be a downgrade from your current versions Mid January - Coal Mine beta: a much more developed version of the OS which, like with previous upgrades, will be available to all the Canaries in the coal mine to test Mid February - Open beta: a public beta which you can all apply to be a part of. This version will have all the major new features ready for testing (including anti-jitter, anti-spike and much much more that we can't reveal yet!) Full Launch: sometime after the Open Beta, dependent on feedback I'm feeling pretty confident with these deadlines but you never know with software. It could end up being before or after but there shouldn't be any major surprises.
    Thanks so much for supporting NETDUMA all this time, we're really confident you're gonna love DumaOS as it truly transforms routers in a way not seen before.
    Below is a little teaser. It is the least interesting feature but gives a lot of clues about what’s is to come. Have fun speculating

    CTO and founder
    PS look forward to being involved in the forum much more as we start the closed beta.
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