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  1. I put my r2 away a few months ago what with all the disconnection poor wifi having to reset every 48hrs poor hit reg and lag. In my opinion not enough R&D it's a software and hardware issue gone back to my tp link and all the issues have gone
  2. Traffic Prioritization is set to my ps5 only
  3. All I'm using is qos if I disable qos my pings will increase but like I say qos is working lowering pings and synthetic tests give good results but it's in possible to game with
  4. Here you go ps5 plugged in to the tp link every shot registers 20210127_215844.mp4
  5. Wifi is off on tp link and r2 only thing plugged in so firewall is not the issue
  6. Upnp is off and r2 ip put into dmz on to link
  7. I have tried every qos setting possible factory reset and reinstall firmware several times everything is set up as it should be every test I run on the r2 gives good results ping plotter DSL reports fast.com ect but like you can see in video shots dont register I die instantly even in warzone what I see at my end is not what the game server sees but if plug straight into my tp link all the issues disappear with the same qos setting that are on the r2
  8. Yes 8ms when connecting to my local server which is london
  9. I have tried lots of different locations with different ping values and qos settings and get the same results when using the r2
  10. R2 shows 8ms in game 24 to 30ms this only happens when using the r2
  11. It's not really something I can film it's not something you could see it's the way I die insta death and every 3rd or 4th bullet I shoot dont register a hit with r2 and gun fights seem fair when using the tp link. Here is a clip of me shooting at a chopper with bullets not getting hit Markers 20210109_203654.mp4
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