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  1. Does the benchmark tool on 3.0 work
  2. The r1 qos is definitely not working as it should what do you want to know about the setup
  3. Yeah the tp link is working great but why is qps on the r1 not working . My testing is correct and it shows the same results on dslreports fast.com pingplotter and few other tests I've run any ideas why qos isn't working on the r1 corrupt firmware? Any news in the 3.0 beta
  4. Pingplotter and maxing out bandwidth downloading files its a night and day differents between qos on the r1 to tplink
  5. So today I got a new router to replace my isp router that has qos when I use qos setting on the new tp link router my ping is 8ms loaded and unloaded if I use qos on the r1 my ping loaded is 60ms and very unstable if turn of qos on the r1 and use qos on my tp link gaming is awesome so r1 qos is not working
  6. Yes m8 and lots of other tests too the qos settings no mater what I try it has little to no effect on my ping and my gaming experience is terrible my base ping is 7/8ms with a jitter of 0.5 to 0.1ms that's OK but my ping underload load is 60ms and no matter what I try it don't change even with qos on or off I've spoke to my isp and they have run some test and can't find any issues I was going to get the r2 but I think I will be in the same boat just £150 worse off
  7. well I think it might be time to unplug the r1 and put in the back of a draw. No matter what settings I use the r1 doesn't change anything it doesn't help with lowering my ping or my ping underload I've had the r1 for over 5 years and it seemed to do a good job but for the last year it don't help at all im at loss at what else I can try
  8. Been trying for months m8 nothing seems to help what ping values undrrload are good
  9. Yes its being used but isn't stable up and down a lot its better with qos disabled
  10. hi what is a good ping underload my base ping 8ms but I get a ping of 25ms down and 50ms up when under load
  11. Being good or bad at the game is not the issue
  12. I have tried all round Europe and the US doesn't seem to help just hope 3.0 helps the issue
  13. Yes all devices connected to r1 and Traffic Prioritization for ps4
  14. R1 ping 8ms to 15ms depending on server In game ping 30ms to 50ms Pay for 80/20 get 76/19 through put QOS tried 10% to 100% Ps4 hard wired to r1 R1 hard wired to sky hub R1 UPNP enabled and DMZ on sky hub Sky hub UPNP off on sky hub
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