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  1. Yes that sorted it thanks
  2. The problem I have is when I add my ps4 device to the geo filter and click next I get this no play station network to select so I can't add the ps4 to geo
  3. Any 1 I can't add ps4 to geo
  4. When I add ps4 to geo what do I select there is no PlayStation network
  5. Hi guys when I use dumaos on my r1 with bo4 the UK sever in London don't show on the map I see all the other servers and I always get a peer host if I go back to original r1 firmware o see London sever and connect to it
  6. Hi just upgraded to dumaos and it's asking me for password and username I've never set one up so how do I access the duma
  7. I've done all of that and a factory reset as well don't make no odds
  8. I can't even get a connection in the UK with geo filter on turn it off I get Greece or the USA
  9. Hi guys have a problem with the geo on bo4 if I use the geo and set it to cover the UK it dosent connect to the sever and kicks me to the main menu if I turn it off I connect to Greece or the USA never the UK
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