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  1. Hi guys any news on a firmware update it's been awhile now
  2. I'm not sure what else you need i have said the network link speed on all my devices 30mbps when I check with the same devices on my tp link the link speed is 700+ plus my ping and jitter on the r2 are crazy high
  3. I have gone over the issues so many times poor signal strength and for aweek now the link speed when you check on WiFi quality is 30mbps when it used to be 650+ i have reset and re installed the firmware a few times makes no difference
  4. Well I haven't seen any improvements to wifi. Its actually a lot worse for me
  5. Hi I understand it takes time to develop the firmware but there has been a few now and not a single one has fixed the biggest issue the poor wifi and you say there is rigorous testing before releasing them and the wifi performance is the same as day 1 how can that be
  6. Your missing the point m8 the link speed is only 30mbps not talking about throughput so if I go to the wifi settings on a device and lock at the quality of the connection its at 30mbps not testing throughput
  7. Im not on about throughput I'm saying when I check the link speed between my devices and the r2 the theoretical speed of the link its only connected at 30mbps it should be 650+ on a 5Ghz link
  8. I have done that the wifi link speed is 17 to 40 mbps should be 650 or more
  9. No the 30mbps is the link speed between my devices and the r2
  10. And goes down to 17mbps and this is next to the r2
  11. I have tried all of that on 6 different devices when I check the connection speed on the devices its only 30mbps with a throughput of 2 to 10 mbps
  12. There is nothing near the r2 and has been fine apart from having to reboot it every 24hrs to get the wifi speed back to normal but now the speed doesn't come back after reboot
  13. I've tried all widths all channels no difference this needs be sorted ASAP
  14. So my 5Ghz wifi will only give me 2 to 10 mbps 1m from the r2 I have factory reset it 4 times and its not making any difference
  15. Do you have any newer versions than 179
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