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  1. I've done all that m8 and had several firmware updates
  2. Can we have an update on the new firmware the wifi on the r2 is useless if more the a few feet away and its doing my nut in lol
  3. Need it lol i can't put up with the wifi much longer
  4. Hi guys have we got a date for the new firmware drop
  5. Hi guys any news on the new firmware
  6. Started at 100% and moved down at 5% at a time till I found a good baseline then tweaked it from there up and down by 1% at a time to find the sweet spot
  7. Hi guys any news on the new firmware
  8. OK do a factory reset on the r2 to clear all the settings then add the wan ip to the sky router then reboot the sky router it will work m8 I
  9. Hi m8 I don't use any of them settings just wan ip in dmz have rebooted the sky router
  10. OK once you have applied it turn off your ps4 then reboot the sky router wait for it to reconnect and turn your ps4 back on should be fine then
  11. Hi all you need to do is find the wan ip of the r2 in the interface page of the r2 and put that ip in the sky router in the dmz section and you will have an open nat
  12. Hi m8 I've sorted it it was on my PlayStation speeds where slow for some reason the r2 set my PlayStation primary dns as the r2 ip address and no secondry dns so I changed them to the isp dns and its fine now
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