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  1. No I didn't change it back I forgot it changed after reset! Anyway happy days as I've reconnected the wifi devices so everything ok now. Thanks!
  2. Hi. After doing a factory reset my wifi devices will not connect. I double checked the password but still they don'e connect. I did the factory reset because my download speeds where extremely low, which has now hopefully been resolved. This is how is the settings for wifi since reset. But cannot get either my android phone or ipad to connect. It does find the Netduma R1 on the wifi list, but simply won't connect. I'm on latest version of R1 I've owned the R1 since 2014 an early adopter edition. Please help ! I'm on latest version of R1
  3. Thanks for the feedback so far. What I am interested in mainly is connection to COD games.so which of the servers performs best really based on forum feedback. I think I recall from from Simjc's channel that microsoft azure servers are good? so if anyone else can provide positive/negative for both sides that would be great.
  4. Hi guys, My old PS4 is on it's last legs so I might have to purchase a new console 😕 Before I do I was hoping if anyone of you experts on here would kindly chip in as I'm open to buying either an xbox or PS4 (mainly for Call of Duty games) Which of the two servers are more reliable, smoother, better connections etc.? Ta
  5. Thanks for your advice. I know have it setup like this as I took a look at your previous thread you advised setting up 4 rules.The 1 rule is slightly different though in your other post, it says slightly different range on one of the rules - 3100-31500 (not 3500). Can you please confirm?
  6. Yes this is what I have now: Should I leave the Playstation 4 rule and delete Classified games or delete both first? Thanks. will look into Kinels posts.
  7. He was a great guy like you say, so sad. Would you or anyone recommend prioritising these particular ports for MW or maybe there are other ports others are prioritising with good results? On setting it up it is forcing me to put in the Destination Port as well whereas A7Legit suggested Source only. So when I enter 3074 for source and 3074 destination it errors saying there is an overlap. What would you suggest please? Thanks for your help
  8. Hello fellow gamers, Back in 2016, a very helpful and popular guy on these forums who as you know sadly passed away, he was A7Legit, who gave me some very helpful advice which helped me quite a bit for BO3 on PS4. he mentioned using hyper-traffic, source, UDP, 3074 & source, UDP, 3075.source, which was accessed pre-duma OS via Hyper traffic, choose device, choose advanced. 3074 and 3075 Source only, UDP only. I was hoping to replicate something as close to this if possible on PS4 for MW 2019. This is what he advised and what I did: "Make 2 seperate ones. When you try it, you'll see you can only do one port at a time. Hyper-traffic tells the router which ports packets are to come in to the router and leave the router first. You should try this out for yourself, some things need to be tested. These are not ports you're opening... Hypertraffic is about port priority, UPNP and port forwarding are for opening ports." I then had 2 devices in hyper-traffic, (PS4), with 3074 in 1 service and 3075 in the other which worked great. Some advice on whether this can be achieved or something similiar would be much appreciated.
  9. Average ping is around 20-30ms which is obviously suitable. Last night I had mainly a good, smooth connection for some reason and without me changing anything. Could it be that the server(s) I was placed on were particularly good, low ping etc.? If so can I force (filter) by them again? Cheers
  10. Hi Alex, I'm just finding that on many occasions I come round the corner and I'm dead before I get my sights up as though the enemy already saw me.This is making me play more cautiously than usual which is no fun. Previously I had 2+kd on other cod games and normally this would get me kills as I could easily snap onto target. I'm not sure it's a netcode thing that others are mentioning and hoping it will improve after a few patches?!
  11. Hey Fraser, how's it going it's been a long time since the early adopter days! As a general setup rule, is this what you recommend for MW? I've been using the 'ocean' home setting, with very little radius and 40ms ping. This worked well in COD WW2 but I'm getting mixed results for MW on PS4. Thanks in anticipation
  12. Well deserved Crossy thanks for your helpful posts
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