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  1. Alix


    Yerh was on the xbox and a update of 93.1gb call of duty update. Xbox now showing full speeds network settings thanks
  2. Alix


    When I tested my Internet through phone I turned off mobile data and connected straight to WiFi which is my wisp connection that was showing 15mbps. But my speeds through the xbox much lower and kept getting packet loss now and then also high ping one and off each time I tested it. There is no one else connected at this time of testing it so don't get why my wisp connection is better on my phone using speed test app and not the xbox 🤔. Also I have powered cycled my xbox to see that helps but no joy
  3. Alix


    Hi everyone on my xbox one when I run test my network speed & statistics its slowing high ping and low bandwidth. Tested my connection through phone and it is showing low ping and 15mbps download. Thethered my mums phone to the xbox and got high download speeds also on and off okay ping. Which is more accurate please thanks for any reply
  4. Hi do we have a rough idea when duma os 3.0 release date yet guys 😊
  5. Alix


    Thanks for your time will have a look I don't think it will make much difference as my ping can change all the time. But I get A for bufferbloat on dsl reports using the netduma so that's a plus 👍
  6. Alix


    Hello I have set it up qos as 70% both download and upload. My speeds are 15mbps and 5 upload thanks
  7. Alix


    Hello yerh iam on wisp explain it then wasn't sure what was going on
  8. I have set my ping assist to 30 and used call of duty profile for my geo filter radius and iam still getting high ping and then goes low also is lagging I have attached some pics to show what I mean
  9. Hello I have Firmware version R1 Is there any more firmware updates or am I running the latest thanks
  10. Alix

    Auto ping

    Hi thanks for reply I have tried pinging and get a variance in ping I think it's because its wisp internet. I have my sliders set to 70% my download is 15mbps and upload is 5mbps upload. How do I run a ping plotter test to a cod server 😊
  11. Hi iam playing on call of duty black ops 4 and in the geo filter it shows you auto ping section my ping is 26ms then 30ms then goes back to 21ms. Is this normal to fluctuate like that 🤔
  12. Alix


    Hi I think it's fortnite unplugged everything went downstairs and plugged directly into the router and still the microphone doesn't work. like a say call of duty works okay been in touch with Xbox gamer expert and they said they are trying to fix it
  13. Alix


    Hi is this the right way to setup port forwarding thanks
  14. Alix


    Hi iam having a issue with fornite I have DMZ enabled on my main router and the wan ip of the netduma put into the dmz box on main router. But I have found out that fornite doesn't work with microphone. Only call of duty black ops works okay 🤔. But if disable DMZ fornite is okay microphone is back to normal just confused I have disabled geo-filter but not works
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