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  1. These are test from this morning at 7 clock the picture labeled modem is from downstairs and netduma upstairs πŸ‘
  2. Hi that last picture was direct from the modem (router) downstairs. Will check when more quite
  3. This test is direct from modem
  4. Just got a call from my bro needs me for a job so will be later on thanks for reply
  5. Hi tried again this morning I downloaded ubuntu torrent to saturate my connection set sliders to 70%,60,50 but still unstable shall I contact my isp thanks
  6. Okay will have a look thanks
  7. If I get it more stable with a different percentage later on about 12 clock when the network as gone quiet won't it change again when the network gets busy seems pointless if that is the case lol might as well leave it at 70% πŸ€”
  8. Will have a look later but don't you think 50% looks more stable then any other test
  9. Hi been playing around with pingplotter today as you can see with the sliders set to 55% down and 55% up which look good was taken this morning. But when I tried it again the picture labeled 55% 55% test got packet loss and is not stable but this was taken later on in the day any idea why. Also all the other tests where taken this morning except the picture labeled 55% 55% test
  10. Could I use testmynet and use download and upload speed test to saturate connection as well
  11. Thanks sound daft but what about upload πŸ€”
  12. Hi just for future reference how do I saturate my Internet connection the quick way for pingplotter I have 15mbps download also 6mbps upload thanks
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