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  1. Alix


    Think I sorted it now guys
  2. Alix


    Hi I managed to get my service provider to give me more upload I now have a 15mbps download and upload 5mbps any advice on the Anti-bufferbloat sliders what would you recommend to set them at for my download and upload please 👍
  3. Hi would love to see ping, packet loss and the overall connection grade like dslreports.com. If you get a problem with your connection you have a rough idea on what going on with your connection with these simple tool 😊
  4. Hi is there a feature in the netduma r1 where you can see your connection statistics. I Know you can see your host that you connect to would be cool to see my connection and what it is up too 🤔
  5. Yerh I have 15mbps and 1.19 upload
  6. What do you mean place geo over network. Also how do you force new york server 🤔
  7. These are my test after I turned off traffic prioritisation off will try your suggestion bud thanks
  8. Is it best to do through xbox or laptop and Ethernet thanks for your time 👍
  9. Hi all I have been trying to sort out anti-flood I have been testing it with dslreports.com and it says I have bufferbloat on the upload. I have 1mbps on the upload and no matter I can't get it resolved. Each time I run dslreports getting a different answer. Get packet loss reading with ping plotter. But if I ping using cmd I don't no packet loss its sending me mad been at it most of today lol
  10. Alix


    Thanks for time my Internet is whisp with unlimited Internet with 15mbps download and 1mbps upload for 25 pounds a month which brilliant price for gaming
  11. Alix


    lol so if I put the upload slider to 100% on the upload and adjust it by 5% each time and test it till it settles down. But won't this effect upload as I only have 1mbps or less to give thanks new to netduma and getting used to it 😊
  12. Alix


    Thanks bud having 1mbps upload and setting the slider to 5% then work my way up to sort bufferbloat out on the upload speed won't this make it worse 👍
  13. Alix


    Thanks just struggling will with upload as its only 1mbps and can go lower which doesn't help
  14. Alix


    Anti-bufferbloat if I start from 100% on the down and 100%up do I still decrease it by 5% or 10%. As I have low bandwidth of 15mbps download and 1mbps upload so I will start this adjustment from 100% on both up and down. Thanks for you help getting a good idea how netduma works now
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