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  1. Thank you so much for your time it's cleared things up really helped 👍
  2. Hi I put my ping assist to 30 I have attached photos so you know what I mean 😊. Just keeps saying blocked server do I need to turn off filtering mode
  3. Cheers for the reply 🙂 I tried putting my self in the ocean and let ping assist do the job but wouldn't let me connect to any game servers don't know if I did something wrong
  4. Hi Fraser thank you very much for your reply I have attached two photos the first photo looks a lot better than the second photo are these game servers or authentication servers. Just a little bit confused with the ping heatmap. Also when the ping heat map shows you a great ping of 9ms can you play on that server or is it pot luck when you connect.
  5. Hi been using the new update on the R1 3.0.207 there is a section called ping heatmap selected my game then pinged it. I got a great result back place my geo filter ring around it as shown in the picture below but keep putting me on the same server as you can see the yellow triangle which mean blocked server. Unless I move my geo filter back I can't play Fortnite Any idea on what's going please?
  6. Alix

    Netduma r1

    Sorry I mean I couldn't see the download link on the link you provided me with. I think I have found it is this right
  7. Alix

    Netduma r1

    Hello thanks for the reply but I can see the download link to duma os 3.0. Could please provide me with link thanks
  8. Hi when will the r1 get duma os 3.0 please. Happy new year to you all
  9. Hi thanks for the reply iam really happy with the fibre connection glad it's stable 👍
  10. Hi I have just changed my Internet from wisp to fttp what do you think of the new connection results from ping plotter. Also what is a acceptable ping to look for in call of duty modern warfare servers to play on. Thanks for any replies
  11. Alix


    Thanks I understand now sorry to be a pain cheers
  12. Alix


    Another quick question is the duma os ping reading in auto ping is this my ping to the server and in the game ping it's showing the server ping
  13. Alix


    I will try a different server as it's always higher in game then duma os. 😊
  14. Alix


    Thanks for the reply don't know if I missed understood the answer so if the ping levels out to say 20ms on the duma os and in the game it's about 50ms. Which value is right the duma os or the xbox. 😊
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