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  1. Hi iam playing on call of duty modern warfare on the xbox. I have the netduma geo page loaded on my laptop while playing the game. It is saying my ping is 16ms but can fluctuate high like 100ms but not often. In the game settings its saying about 50ms and that can fluctuate high too. Is there some wrong with my connection or is it the game thanks
  2. Thanks for your help and time 👍
  3. Thanks Fraser I thought that too so not to worry about about jitter as I have a decent ping for whisp is that correct 👍
  4. Hi that's correct iam on a wireless isp connection and yerh my jitter can fluctuate to 60ms,30ms,8ms but more low then high on speed test.net is this normal. Also did you say my ping plotter graph is great for whisp connection. Thanks
  5. Hi I been in touch with my wisp isp and they was aware of issues at there end with packet loss and high ping which looks like there have fixed. Also I have notice jitter on speed test. net I get low reading about 60, 30,8ms is this normal to fluctuate.
  6. Thanks for the reply I have changed the main cable that connect to the Internet for a new ethernet cable here is my results what do you suggest or think about the results thanks again 😊
  7. Hi I was having a issue with a game been a bit laggy did a ping plotter test could someone tell me what this ping plotter test reading means please not sure. Also the test was just me with no one else using the Internet and it was hardwired to the laptop thanks
  8. Alix


    Hi I have banned everybody using the Internet lol I have notice when it's updating on the xbox shows you your speed mine keeps going from 14mbps to 12mbps, 19mbps and so on I think the xbox servers might busy too.
  9. Alix


    Hi Iam trying to download a update which is about 12gb on my xbox one which should only take 1 hour 54 minutes 31 seconds I used a download calculator to get these times of when it should finished my speeds are 15mbps. About 30mins into the download its only done 2.39gb any idea why so slow thanks
  10. Alix


    Thanks yerh don't bother with the pc and didn't want to muck around with Bridge mode as wasn't sure about it lol
  11. Alix


    Hi just been wondering I put the wan ip of the netduma r1 into the downstairs router now I have a open nat type with the netduma and no double natting on the xbox one s. Is this the right way to connect the netduma when you have a router downstairs thanks. Also is it safe to use DMZ as I don't want to get hacked online thanks 😊
  12. Alix


    Yerh was on the xbox and a update of 93.1gb call of duty update. Xbox now showing full speeds network settings thanks
  13. Alix


    When I tested my Internet through phone I turned off mobile data and connected straight to WiFi which is my wisp connection that was showing 15mbps. But my speeds through the xbox much lower and kept getting packet loss now and then also high ping one and off each time I tested it. There is no one else connected at this time of testing it so don't get why my wisp connection is better on my phone using speed test app and not the xbox 🤔. Also I have powered cycled my xbox to see that helps but no joy
  14. Alix


    Hi everyone on my xbox one when I run test my network speed & statistics its slowing high ping and low bandwidth. Tested my connection through phone and it is showing low ping and 15mbps download. Thethered my mums phone to the xbox and got high download speeds also on and off okay ping. Which is more accurate please thanks for any reply
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