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  1. once i found the idlle that macthes my upload and download on qos what should i set this to if am gaming ?
  2. For some odd reason dsl report don't read my bufferbloat it just grades quality and overall which is A+ on both but bufferbloat it just gray with no grade
  3. idle 20.68also download is still staying at 100% upload is spiking
  4. thanks i tried the auto setup these are setting i put put no matter what percent the upload went to it still wouldn't drop the ping for buffer bloat
  5. Going to try that today I was going to ask how do I allow my friends in the geofilter that are not in my radius of the bubble ? besides turning of filtermode off and strict mode off is there a way around it?
  6. Sounds good also can you guys take a look at the qos is like sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't the spike for bufferbloat sometimes are just unstable when ever I do a test with multiple tools sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and I always have qos on it migth have a bit of a bug
  7. A dynamic will work great like that I could give my devices highest to low to prioritize instead of sharing all bandwidth with all devices
  8. it looks like this firmware fix it the loading part but looks like connection benchmark upload is still glitch no matter what percent i set it to its still the same results is it possible to add other type of qos like fq_codel ect..?? @Netduma Fraser
  9. Am having the same issues @Netduma Fraser my qos wont even load so i can even setup my anti bufferbloat slider connection benchmark wont even work is this a bugged on xr1000? i factory reset it twice and disable ad blockers
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