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  1. ok thanks all give it a try all give you some feedback on it see how it goes
  2. Having the same issues on the xr1000 any news on the new firmware for it cause everyday other day i have to reset the xr1000 cause the qos is not working
  3. so you run a speed test with qos on always and until it doesnt spike on the ping plotter graph?
  4. yeah hopefully they fix upnp on the next update
  5. yeah i was on call of duty coldwar multiplayer menu when i took the screenshot it i had to manually port forward 3074 and disable upnp hopefully on the next update they fix it
  6. can i get a beta to test it and give some feedback?
  7. It is not opening 3074 udp with upnp on to get the open nat type @Netduma Fraser
  8. you got to adjust your qos values cause your experiencing lag compensation
  9. i tried it 2day and yeah i was getting melted in warzone i swap back to 44 stock firmware
  10. i feel like i get melted faster on the new firmware 52 And 44 stock firmware i could get away a little more without insta dying in call of duty
  11. You have to adjust your qos values then you got to test it if its stable
  12. I also did some testing looks like 44 stock firmware for xr1000 is more stable then the 52 firmware here are the buffer bloat on 44stock firmware on the xr1000 Now the 52 firmware on xr1000 i tested multiply times with the same percent values on Qos 44stock firmware looks to be more stable hopefully they fix it for the next update
  13. thanks appreciated am going to try that rigth now disabling ipv6 all keep you updated
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