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  1. Infinity Ward generally ruins the game for me in January with their 1. major map pack patch. The connections are garbage then. Because they want to please everyone that's the problem.
  2. MW2 by far had the best connections and hitdetection. Since then connections got worse every year.
  3. If they would play on my VDSL 50/10 connection they wouldn't get anything. Trust me. I know definitely the difference between a good connection and a bad connection to the server. You are a step ahead and these people are always a step ahead. Also the aim assist works better with a good connection than a bad connection.
  4. You are above the average player but your connection is not top notch but it's definitely enough to destroy a lot of the youtubers. Most of them will leave after some painful deaths. Like I said these MarkOfJ/Swagg/Korean Savage/Tmemory have a connection advantage. That's why they are so good. Do you think they would perform on the same level on an average or worse connection? Definitely not.
  5. Bullshit, skill is long ago gone in COD. COD is very connection depending. If someones server sync is better than yours, no matter what you'll lose the gunfights all day long.
  6. For xDSL Broadcom & Lantiq chipsets are used. They are fine.
  7. For xDSL Broadcom & Lantiq chipsets are used. They are fine.
  8. My bad I misinterpreted it but I've seen streamers who constantly deliver good gameplay. They only have shitty games when they jerk around.
  9. No doubt about that, but it was not the question.
  10. I call this nonsense. Why should an ISP give you better related equipment to you than to a large corporation with over 10000 employes? The equipment will be same. I mean here are people with gigabit fiber optic and they still struggle. The buzzword is peering & routing of the ISP. The less hops you need to the server the better you'll perform. BO4 Battlefield 1 Guess which game performs better?
  11. You have a Broadcom chipset. The Intel Puma 6 is a cable modem chipset.
  12. I went back to 1.03j and the peer hosted matches were history. Like I said there's a fault in the authentication check up and DumaOS.
  13. 1. PS4 2. TDM 3. R1 4. Nothern Germany 5-6. 85% of time it's P2C hosted or lobby not joinable. There's a fault on both sides. Treyass's authentification process and the DumaOS algorithms. If I plug my Fritzbox in I immediately find a game.
  14. There's something definitely wrong in BO4's authentification process and in DumaOs algorithms. I'm also a victim of misrouting.
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