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My forum handle says it all, I'm in NE USA-within 100 miles of 4 major cities with populations of 1million+ residents (NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washinton DC). Within that same area, 6 more smaller cities with 500K to 1 million. Bottom line, heavy Internet traffic, slow connection. Etc. Enter Netduma. Biggest change in addition to the Netduma was returning my Xfinity WIFI router/modem, which was why I had initial problems keeping stable connections, and 2, up to 5 minutes waits for a match. Any Arris router/modem for Comcast/Xfinity WILL NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH THE NETDUMA R1. Your initial connection will be fine, half through matches, the ARRIS takes over.. Now..$40 USD, I added the Linksys CM3008 Ethernet modem. Now, my ping looks like this...

My first COD IW online game......31-8 WOOT.. ROck steady since.


PSN Username= Mauler57post-12468-0-11050100-1489513636_thumb.png

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