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    Veteran cod player ( MW1,MW2,MW3, BO1,BO2,BO3, GHOST, AW, IW, WW2, BO4 )
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  1. nunogsm

    235 nuke

    small clip from my 235 nuke in BO4.(records) level 1000+2.60kd+4.60wltop 3 Portugaltop 50 Europetop 1000 Worlddrop a like
  2. nunogsm


    i have about 10 kill chains loool 🤣🤣🤣
  3. nunogsm

    nuke 177

    first of all thanks netduma. my nuke 177 1 nuke +70kills 5strike team 5sniper next nuke at 6:49minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTTNeVrdKrM
  4. nunogsm


    SPRAY N PRAY, and give me that ultra
  5. i play all,,,, depends the days and the friends i join. but i can say im 70% hc player, and 30% core :D
  6. Necro my kd its 2.38 lifetime / 2.99 weekly....
  7. Level800 Quick Stats+130 nukes +2.30 kd https://youtu.be/7WsG1WHmnyI
  8. Easy Nukes bo4? Raise your KD? HOW TO? gun: mx9 att: extramag + longbarrel + fmj equim: acoustic sensor perks: engenr + gung-ho + dead silence Turn on your netduma!!!
  9. nunogsm

    15ms ping

    mx9 melting in 15ms ping dedi server 34k/d
  10. no its game problem, and we have now 2xp weekend, servers are full of playrs
  11. i dont know how to do that, for that type of configurations you need to be a expert, im just an "amateur" lol
  12. Connection Interrupted and it starts again in last 2 nights,,,,,,, KEEP ROLLINGGGGGGGG
  13. make sense,,,,, for sure the problem is the blackout, many people play blackout, and the mp are not very populated, and they have to mix the matchmaking.
  14. what is going on with the matchmaking in cod bo4 MP. i live in portugal, i have my duma covering only portugal and spain, strick on, ping assist to zero. i always have great games when in the lobby i play agains portuguese our spanish players, but some times in my lobby i get american players, they lag every here, the bullets cant connect, many hit markers. did you notice anything?
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