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  1. @Netduma Fraser I'm not sure. I disconnected the xr500.
  2. @Netduma Fraser it happens randomly. i was NOT able to access the interface. I actually just disconnected my xr500. i'll hook it back up whenever a new firmware is released. i need a stable internet connection right now.
  3. yes, i lose internet connection on ALL devices. i noticed that the "internet" light (next to "power" light) on the xr500 stops blinking and turns solid white. almost seems like the xr500 freezes @Netduma Fraser
  4. i upgraded to .56 last week, and my xr500 keeps losing its internet connection... i just did a factory reset. can i restore from a backup i created while using .40, or isnt that a good idea?
  5. "Add the wan ip of your other router into the dmz of the XR500." you think this would fix it? Where can I find a step-by-step?
  6. I haven't received the latest firmware download link either, can you send it again? Thanks.
  7. I have a unique issue... I currently run a Plex server & have an issue where I have to Disable UPnP for it to work remotely. Here is my current internet setup; Cable Modem (1000/50) > XR500 Router ( > Eero Router ( Plex runs on a Desktop Computer ( that is hardwired into my Eero Router. Right now, the only way for me to be able to use Plex remotely is if I use these settings; On the XR500 Router: turn UPnP OFF, Port Forward:TCP:internal 49999 & external 49999 (Eero Router ( On the Eero Router: turn UPnP OFF, Port Forward:TCP:internal 32400 & external 49999 (Desktop ( On Plex, Manual Public Port to Use: 49999 I have tried leaving UPnP Enabled on both Routers, and that does NOT work. I'm not too familiar with Port Triggering, so I was gonna dig into that next. Any ideas on a workaround where I can have UPnP enabled on both routers AND have Plex work?
  8. @Netduma Fraser No, the static IP and mac address do NOT change, ever.
  9. @Netduma Jack, @Netduma Fraser, @Zippy Putting my PlayStation in "REST MODE" isn't the problem, it's currently the solution. Keeping it in "REST MODE" keeps the PlayStation "ONLINE" instead of going "OFFLINE". I have three (3) devices currently hardwired into my XR500: 1.) Desktop Computer 2.) PlayStation 4 3.) Eero Wifi Mesh Router If I turn off/shutdown any of these three devices, my XR500 shows that device as "OFFLINE", which is expected. BUT, here is the problem... whenever I turn that device back on, my XR500 still shows it as "OFFLINE" and remains "OFFLINE" UNTIL I reboot the XR500. Then it will finally show as "ONLINE". So, I can never turn any of those three devices OFF ever, unless I plan on rebooting my XR500 every time I do so. My XR500 can't seem to recognize a device going from "OFFLINE" to "ONLINE" automatically.. A manual reboot is the only way I can get a device to change states from "OFFLINE" to "ONLINE" since I've upgraded firmware to .40. Example: I turned off my Eero Wifi Mesh Router a few nights ago, just to do a hard reset on it. After powering it back up, I couldn't get my XR500 to recognize it to be back "ONLINE" until I rebooted my XR500. So, this issue is obviously not something with my PlayStation. Example: I shutdown my Desktop Computer last night, as I was installing a new piece of hardware. DumaOS recognized it as being "OFFLINE" as soon as i turned it off. However, DumaOS is still showing it as "OFFLINE" even though I'm currently browsing the web, doing a speed-test and typing this message on it. The speed-test comes back as expected, but the XR500 isn't recognizing any bandwidth activity. Seems like a lot of people are having this same issue, described in different ways, scattered across multiple threads.
  10. As a temporary "fix" whenever I'm done playing PS4, I'm putting it in "Enter Rest Mode" instead of turning the console completely off. This keeps the PS from ever going "Offline". @Netduma Fraser, do you have any idea on when we can expect new firmware? .40 seems awfully buggy in a lot of different areas.
  11. @Netduma Fraser you are welcome. I upgraded back to .40 even though it's buggy lol. I like the Ping Assist feature too, too much.
  12. @Netduma Fraser i reverted back to an older firmware, and it fixed the problem. Definitely something with .40
  13. I've been experiencing the same thing since upgrading firmware to .40
  14. I've noticed the same thing. I haven't seen buffering in years, now I'm seeing it often since i've upgraded the firmware to V2.3.2.40
  15. I always turn off my PlayStation. I never put it in Standby.
  16. I haven't had a chance to try yet @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Jack @xlr8r. I do already have my PlayStation setup as a static address. I'm also gonna try clearing my web browser cache and history. I only have three (3) devices connected to my XR500. All three are hardwired CAT6; a PlayStation (static:, a Desktop Computer ( and an Eero Router ( used for General Home Wifi (phones, tablets, TVs, etc.) The Device Manager shows that the Desktop Computer and Eero are online, and I can see their correct upload and download usage on the "Network Monitor" page from both of those devices. I ran a speed test on the PlayStation just to see if it flicked over to Online and if there was any activity on the "Network Monitor" page from any of the three hardwired devices, and there wasn't. I did notice last night that the red light for "High Priority Traffic Detected" turned ON when I did do the PlayStation SpeedTest (even though the PlayStation was still showing Offline) I rebooted the XR500, and all three devices were then showing up in the Network Monitor page. It's just weird how I have to reboot my XR500 for it to acknowledge that the PlayStation is online.
  17. Thanks @xlr8r. I will try. Seems like this issue just started whenever I upgraded to the latest firmware a few weeks ago.
  18. no it does not. that was one of the first things i tried. very strange.
  19. For some reason, DumaOS is not recognizing my PS4 as being Online in the Device Manager (even though it is). I have to reboot my xr500 every time i turn on my playstation for it to appear online. Anyone know whats causing this?
  20. Seriously? May 30, 2018 and still no DumaOS for R1?!?!
  21. Can we get NHL18 added to the Geo-Filter sometime soon? Love the Netduma Router. I’ve been recommending it to so many people.
  22. Can we pleeeeeeeeease get a NHL18 profile?
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