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  1. i can play, i do what frazer tells me to do, add that server in usa, to my alow list, and now i can play only by the server in madrid!!!
  2. PS4 / black ops 4 / my location its europe ( Portugal )
  3. im working Fraser, later i will give you that info. thanks
  4. yes jack if i add that server in usa to alow list, i can reduce my radios to my location ( PORTUGAL / SPAIN ) , strick on / ping assist 0, and now dont disconect me from psn servers, and i can find games in this region. thankyou for your "pristine" tip.
  5. i will try that later night jack. thanks
  6. take a look, after i setup netduma, and run a test only show this. i live in portugal, if i put the radar just under europe shut me down from psn servers and im stay offline
  7. sometimes i have also that problem
  8. sprat is my psn friend, sometimes we team up, and we also have bad games.
  9. He only uploads the best game plays, who wants to see a shity gameplay?
  10. Hello gents, i have a strange problem, normaly i turn on router and console and configure the R1 (radar, ping assist, strict mode, etc etc) i live in portugal and i put the radar under Portugal Spain and France (about 1000klm) after that shut me down from PSN servers and i cant connect to internet (im offline), i have to open the radar until cover the USA to connect me again . any solution?
  11. Bro you sabe my day with that ip. thankyou one more time
  12. by pressing the reset boton? already do that, prssing that boton, but i cant get wifi signal if i press that botton nothing happens, no bip, no rebot, nothing. and i press 25 / 30 / 40 sec If I connect by cable I have access to internet, but I can’t connect to the interface ( already clean history/ cookies/ cache
  13. hello gents, i need some help, after i reinstall the original r1 firmware (R1-v-1-03-6j) i cant find my netduma wi-fi signal, i need to connect to netduma wi-fi to set up my things. any helppp
  14. but portugal dont have dedi server, maybe the host are in portugal close to me
  15. This Id is a dedi server????? I have 8ms ping. And I can destroy this Spanish kids. its a pristine con omg
  16. Good morning Gentlemans, this year we go receive the netduma secret santa?
  17. Thankyou sir, tonight i will test, i hope i can melt and destroy the lobbys
  18. So at this moment the game have about 80giga, already left 4 dlc, and 4 ou 5 events winter / summer/ lepreuchan.......etc etc etc...... i think this game in the end have 500giga, what do you think?
  19. Sir i use the "old" firmware version 6j, in this old versions, its automatic the cloud update?
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