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  1. I tried so many got the same problems. If me and my girl play bo4 i restart everthing. Both ps4 has nat type 2 what is good. But the first who start bo4 has open nat type in the game. The 2e ps4 got moderate. If the second ps4 restarted the game she get strict in bo4. I read something about that COD has problems with 2 ip's ps4. are playing on the same network external ip going 2 signals out. Sorry for my bad english
  2. Till now yes. Playing blackout?
  3. Set your radius 1400 close bo4. Test internet connection on ps4 . Start the game up
  4. Daniel87 i have that and i also connect to that peer in Albaniƫ if i deny it. Still connect with itt why?
  5. Did you set your home locationat the good spot. We have also 2
  6. I already do this he blocks it. From the usa and throw me out of the game over and over
  7. Hello does somebody know why it keeps connecting with a usa server or peer. I have the good setting. I live in the netherlands but not connect in europe. Greetz
  8. Sometime i see the enemy i want to shoot and no chance i am death
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