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Hey! from Florida (US)

shadow rckts

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Hi everyone,


I just recently bought my NetDuma (as I finally found a way to get a router working on my university's campus so of course I get this one) that I saw a youtuber talking about a long time ago (Drift0r). I tend to play on the xbox mostly, but I'm a small time youtuber/streamer just trying to optimize the process so I can get great quality videos out there. I'm currently studying Aerospace Engineering (graduating in the Spring, yay! then grad school..) and doing research on technology that will be launched on a satellite next year (fingers crossed) with NASA. I'd really like to become a part of this community as I enjoy how much this company cares about it's customers (a seemingly rare feature in companies today). Hope to see you all around, and maybe even bring a smile to your day!




shadow rckts

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