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network issue

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If you are seeing drop out at the sky hub it is either a hub fault, home wiring fault or line fault , as you know you work your way back from the hub to your home wiring right back to the master socket.


Then if that does not fix the issue it is external and then openreach will need to be involved.

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some think like this LAN TCP/IPv6 Setup

 Enable IPV6 on LAN sidehelp

 Enable ULA Router Prefix Advertisementshelp

 Prefix randomly generated

 Prefix manually configured

Prefix: Preferred Lifetime (hour): Valid Lifetime (hour): 

 Enable IPv6 DHCP Serverhelp

 Enable MLD Querierhelp


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Are you on adsl or fibre , if adsl check your adsl filter......... RJ11 cable & Ethernet cables.


Do not have any phone extension cabling.


Master socket > routers right by the master on a short RJ11 cable etc.

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Have you rebooted the netduma from settings misc?


Do you have a static ip's in your sky hub? if so please set to automatic


if this does not help


Turn off both your routers


Turn on your sky hub wait 30 seconds

Turn on Netduma wait for it to fully boot / try the internet.


If this does not help try a netduma factory reset from misc settings (this will clear your settings)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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