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How To Set Up The Netduma With Sky Fibre SR-102 Modem/Router

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I know most people know how to set up their Netduma but i am making this thread just incase someone needs a little help, this is for setting up your Netduma Gaming Router with Sky Fibre and the Sky Hub SR-102.


1) First thing to do is unpack your awesome new Netduma :), now plug your Netduma power cable into the circular slot at the back of your Netduma router and the other end into the wall socket. 


2) Disconnect all devices (wired & wireless) from your Sky SR-102 and do a hard reset, to do this push the reset button on the back of your Sky SR-102 and hold it in for 20 seconds then release it and wait for the router to boot back up. Remember the the username and password will now revert back to default. PW:admin UN:sky


3) Plug one end of the Red Ethernet cable into port 1 (labelled - PoE) located at the back of your Netduma router. and plug the other end of the Red Ethernet cable into port 1 on the back of your Sky SR-102.


4) Next turn on your Netduma and let it boot up


5) Now go into your Sky SR-102 GUI give your Netduma a Reserved IP.


a) Sign in and goto Advanced / Lan IP Setup as shown below:




Where it says Address Reservation at the bottom you should see you Netduma ( should be the only device shown if you disconnected all other devices ). Tick the little radio button and then click Add.


B) Now you should see the page shown below:




Under Attached Devices Table click the radio button and it will enter all the details in the Reserve An IP Address section like mine above, your name will say Unknown, change it to something like mine so you know which device it is. When done click ADD Button.


c) Now it should look like this:




Next thing to do is hit Apply and wait for the screen to refresh. Now you have given you netduma a Reserved IP Address :)


6) Now we need to put the Netduma in the DMZ of the Sky SR-102, to do this goto Advanced / WAN Setup and enter the IP we Reserved in step 6. It should look like mine below, your IP should be the same as the Netduma is the only thing connected at the moment so (




When done click Apply.


7) Now we can gointo our Netduma GUI by typing in your address bar you should be greeted with this :




a) First thing to do is update your Netduma to the latest Firmware, you can see how to download and install the Firmware HERE


B) Now you have updated your Firmware you can connect any other devices that you want to use via Ethernet, just plug them into the remaining ports on the back of the Netduma. to connect via Wireless just serach for the Netduma on said device and connect as you would normally. The default SSID is NetdumaR1 and the PassPhrase is netdumar1.



For all other help using and optimising the Netduma R1 you can go to the Netduma wiki and also come and join our community at the Forums where you can get help and advice or just chat with other members of the Duma army :).


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Would it make any difference to the set up if you already have your ports forwarded ?

Yes as Fraser said it shouldn't but i prefer DMZ as i know all ports are open that way. But its not good to do both as you can cause port confliction.

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