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XR500 - Automated Scheduled Reboot Feature

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31 minutes ago, Xdrqgol said:

Any news if we will be getting a FW fix please?

You definitely will, but we don't have an ETA yet. We're planning on using a new system to bring all platforms up-to-date as soon as possible so we can give new firmware over to Netgear with our latest changes. More information here: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/38088-where-is-the-next-dumaos-firmware-for-nighthawk-pro-gaming-routers/

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39 minutes ago, Xdrqgol said:

Hello , any updates on this issue ? Has it been fixed? Thanks in advance for the replies!

We have had reports the latest version resolved the issue, give it a try and let us know:


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48 minutes ago, Xdrqgol said:

Will do, do you have some instructions on how to do the update and factory reset after update so that i can follow?

Much appreciated thanks!

First double check whether you're on that version or not (it may have auto updated), you can see the version on the System Information page. Download the file, extract the .img file to your Desktop or Download folder on the PC. Go to the router settings page > Administration > Firmware Update, upload the file and upgrade. Wait 5 minutes, then access the interface, go to settings > Administration > Back Up Settings and click erase, wait 2 minutes then access the interface and go through the Setup Wizard.

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