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  1. that had already been requested a lot for the netduma os routers. that feature can be found on the normal netgear routers with their own interface since all the way back to the 54g routers and even the linksys wrt54 cause thats why i have been missing this feature in the newer XR500 since its not available in your software it stands to reason that because of this its not available for "netgear" as well.
  2. sorry for the late reply but life happens 🙂 1. for your request it will show up as "connected" but every device will tell you that it has no internet connection. 2. 5 minutes the longest as i have family member who will complain if theres no internet! 3. i have mixed network with DHCP/reserved IPs and *drumroll* every device will report no internet... that means Desktops and gaming consoles connected via ethernet partly dhcp and partly reserved ips mobile phones via wireless also partly dhcp and partly reserved ips i would really appreciate a small hotfix firmware to add this feature while you work on the netduma 3.0 version you know incremental versioning is there for a reason 1.1.0 1.2.0 1.2.4 .... or microsoft on windows with their kb712647861247 hotfixes.... going from all the posts so far people are willing to wait on this but HOW LONG do you want to keep us waiting on fixes? if you keep this up customers who from nature are very fickle and flock to the next best thing that works will leave you. the long wait will only give us bad experience with your software and will in the end turn customers off from your software.
  3. i have another thing to add when i have ipv6 enabled in most online games it causes lags (like you are disconnected and then picks up again a few seconds after) every few minutes most seen in destiny 2 or other games. when it is disabled or pure ipv4 its working as normal. edit: router used is a netgear xr500 and yes my internet provider has the option of enabling or disabling ipv6 at the moment.
  4. if you haven't figured it out from my previous reply. the router sometimes stops permitting internet traffic to the devices on the network, access to the router is still there but no internet. the issue resolves as soon as the router has been rebooted.
  5. in an ideal world i wouldn't even have needed to request this feature as it would have already been implemented from factory 🙂 or the router wouldn't stop passing through data the next random morning for no reason the list could go on and on 🙂 but this is not the case the automated reboot should only happen on schedule that is set by the administrator/consumer who sets up the router nothing else this shouldn't affect any other feature you have planned at all. the way the router is used shouldn't be dictated by the manufacturer/developer of the system who designed it to be a "router" the consumer should have the right to decide what he/she does with the router and in which environment he/she want's to deploy the router and should have the options to setup the router how he/she thinks best the router should function/be used in that said environment. decisions on "features" that are mainly because the developer/manufacturer want's to happen can have adverse effects as well. best example is microsoft's windows 10 in order to have every windows 10 system always up to date, microsoft has baked in automated downloads for updating which in essense is all good and dandy. but they failed to add the ability to schedule these said updates or update interval to times that the customer/consumer wants the updates to happen. by today we all have that term patch tuesday or patch wednesday depending on which timezone you live in. where windows is downloading updates regardless of the time. now not many users have the luxury of unlimited data and have a set data cap for peak hours and off peak those customers wouldn't be able to schedule windows to download/update on xyz hour of the day cause the scheduling is missing and thus their cap will be blown at some time. as shown from this example best interest of the dev is not best interest of the consumer/customer.
  6. i would like to request a Automated Scheduled Reboot Feature added to the firmware capabilities for the Netgear XR500 Router. this feature is present on every other commercial router. Reason: the Router Performance sometimes Degrades over time or will not put through internet data. After Reboot the performance is top again or the internet data will be put through again.
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