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  1. Any chance you have something on this matter?
  2. Still nothing? I have raised this issue since December 2018...
  3. Also I forgot to point out that this is the second time this happens. First time I mistakenly powered off the router while VPN was still connected and now I got the same thing due to a power surge...
  4. No I never enabled the block traffic option. Either way the hybrid VPN was also setup to be active only on one device. However after the power surge& router reboot, as I mentioned before the whole router was non-responsive. Interface took a lot of time to load, CPU utilisation was maxed up indefinitely, the hybrid VPN page (left panel where the connect/disconnect button is located) did not load at all etc.
  5. Initially I tried to do a factory reset but it didn't work. Then I hit the router reset button and at some point I was able to see the hybrid VPN tab. I should state that even though there wasn't any VPN configured after the reset, the connect switch was set to on so I had to set it back to off manually.
  6. It seems that if there is a power failure (even a short voltage issue that might make the router simply restart) while Hybrid VPN is connected (to any VPN provider that is setup via the advanced ovpn configuration), then the whole R1 is almost bricked. It is becoming extremely sluggish, hybrid VPN tab is not loading at all, devices loose network connectivity and it can only be fixed via resetting the whole R1
  7. Any development on the vpn issue? It’s been months when I first submitted the problem and even though it seems other people face similar issues there is no response from netduma on then matter. Did you identify the issue? Found the root cause? Is there a fix on the way?
  8. Still waiting for an update from the netduma team
  9. Given the really bad support given here, I am sure there are a lot of people who don't even bother raising their issues. For instance I have raised another DumaOS defect that I am facing when trying to use third party VPN clients (R1 is blocking the connections) 1,5 month ago and even though I have given all the required info to the netduma team they still haven't managed to replicate the issue. I have been requested multiple times to do their debugging for them, even if that involves downgrading/upgrading my router's firmware etc. For a "premium" gaming router this kind of support is unacceptable if you ask me... I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the people who face issues don't even bother reporting them here...
  10. Hi guys, Did goldenfrog contact you? Any progress on replicating the issue? Regards, Georgios
  11. It could very well be that this issue happens to other people as well but me and Azlios had the technical understanding to figure out that this is not normal, the capability to articulate it and time to raise it with you guys. Of course as you say it could very well be an issue that only occurs to me and Azlios. And that most probably means that it is a hardware issue, wouldn't you agree? In my case, the original R1 that I received from you was defective (reset button problem) so I was sent a replacement R1. Could it be that the replacement R1 is a defective unit as well? Are you usually giving refurbished units for replacement or brand new ones in a situation like mine? Personally I can't digest the fact that I own a "premium" router and had to spend £50 extra to buy yet another router in order to have reliable WiFi. No I was on EE and the issue persists even though I recently moved overseas.
  12. From what I see Azlios has raised the very same issue since November(!) and it seems you still haven’t acknowledged or even managed to replicate the issue. I get your devs are busy and have a queue of backlog items, however this is unacceptable support for a £200 router. I was forced to buy a new wireless router to connect to my R1 in order to have proper WiFi!
  13. Thanks for linking your thread here. To be really honest I am really disappointed as I have raised this issue for quite some time now and it hasn’t even been acknowledged by the netduma team. It seems you are on the same boat. I ended buying an additional router to handle my WiFi devices and connected it to my R1 via LAN. I was seriously considering upgrading to one of the latest netgear DumaOS routers but after seeing how bad the support is at even replicating and acknowledging issues (you raised the very same issue back in November and you still get these generic responses!) I think I ll just go for a different router that has some decent QoS settings.
  14. Any news on the matter Jack? I was wondering: could it be that I am dealing with all these issues because I upgraded directly from the old firmware 1.03.6 to (I did not install the first version of the dumaOS 2.x)?
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