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  1. Just to clarify this is not only happening in the dashboard. R-apps are stuck everywhere...
  2. Is there a solution for the XR300? I have this problem and I need to reboot my XR300 2-3 times a week to get R-apps to work...
  3. Because I highly doubt that this is happening, can we PLEASE have an automated reboot feature on the current firmware? My XR300 is a proper mess if i dont reboot it twice a week or so. As you can see from the screenshots below most R-Apps stop working and this issue is only fixed after a reboot... pretty please, release an automated reboot feature since the dumaOS 3.0 is NOT happening for the XR300....
  4. Any idea on when this is going to happen? There's radio silence for months, so what is the status of this?
  5. Unfortunately I do not own the R1 anymore as I have given it away. Is there a planned DumaOS 3.0 release date for the XR300 down the road? XR300 right now is unusable due to the fact that all dumaOS key features are broken... Edit: I can no longer see the XR300 under the Nighthawk support page. There's no firmware thread for the XR300 there... What does that mean? XR300 is no longer supported? Did it fall from grace all of a sudden?
  6. It has been quite sometime since the beta of 3.0 cane out, however I am still waiting for that confirmation email to join the beta testing. Can you please help me out to get access to the latest beta build?
  7. So in order to get a fix for this issue we will have to become Guinea pigs and install an unstable/beta version of the 3.0 firmware? Thanks but no thanks...
  8. I would really like to know that too. Right now my XR300 is collecting dust as I have found it to be too unreliable to be a part of my setup
  9. Are these issues planned to be fixed in 3.0? So many months after these issues have been reported and we still haven't a clear answer from you... Did you replicate these issues? Is a fix being included in 3.0?
  10. Well the high priority traffic detection is completely broken on XR300. If you search the forum you ll see many people face similar issues. For me, sometimes it doesn't properly activate, other times it goes on and off randomly or even when I shut down the console the high priority traffic indicator continues to be on... This feature is beyond broken in XR300 so before I remove the router from my setup I had it permanently sett to off...
  11. Same here. I have removed it from my setup. This is completely ridiculous
  12. This did't age very well. "So close" but we are mid-April and still no news about any of the show stopper issues that have been reported for months. Shame on you guys...
  13. Exactly. The only take it or leave it offer I had form the point of purchase was to get a different XR300, which I did and guess what? The very same firmware issues were still there. They offered to give me a third one to try but it clearly does not make any sense. What would make sense is a refund but they denied this twice already.
  14. I feel the exact same way. The XR300 that I got a couple of months back is a complete joke. None of the main features actually works properly and now I am stuck with a worthless £175 paperweight. It is clear that the DumaOS team doesn’t care, so I opened a ticket with netgear. They agreed that the router is not performing as it should but unfortunately as netgear does not have a representation in my country, I have to take this up with the seller. The lemon laws in my country don’t take into consideration horrible software, so I am now stuck with a worthless XR300 since the seller denied me the refund I requested. If you ask me, what the netgear/Netduma are doing with these routers is borderline fraud and I am seriously thinking to open up a case reporting a defective product to the European Commission. Not sure if it will work but I m thinking it worths a try, as these guys are blatantly ripping off people and they seem to be getting away with it.
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