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9 minutes ago, kinel said:

I dont have a clue on the cpu  all i know its a tp link WR841N v9

Btw im using a custum build designed for that model as it has loww specs

This is on pc dsl reports

Without sqm enabled i get  my proper speeds speeds 

As soon i click enable i get a quater of them 

I just dont know why  lol

Try speedtest.com instead. I never get full speeds on DSLReports. That site is rubbish imho.

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I bought a tp link archer c7 router

When running sqm  cke ank layer cake  

 I get a quater of my speeds like i did with my older router 

I put in values of

Ingres download 43000

Egress upload 13000

But it only  shows im gettings spees of

10 mb download  3 mb upload  

I dont know what im doing wrong

I get exact szme speeds on my older tp link  that has 4mb flash  32 ram

My new router has 16mb flash  128 ram

Every speed test i get same results

Dslreports speedtest,net


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I was just looking at my  connection to my new tp link archer c7 ac1750 v5 router

From the dumar ping

I noticed im getting big ping spikes every few seconds

I goes from 1 ms to around 8ms somtimes 16ms

i dont have nothing running only pc when i was looking at the geo filter ping to my routerits

not wireless all brand new ethernet cables thoughout my house bought within a month ago i rewired house

im just hoping i havent just bought a dud router with the puma chip set knowing my luck  i bet i have

I just put pen wrt on it as wll a few days ago 

I got a feeling i wasted 70 quid on it

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This SQM is incredibly CPU intensive as far as I know. On edgerouters, the X model tops out between 100-200mbit and your basicly need the Edgerouter 4 or 6 model to achieve anything close to 500Mbit. That's probably why your speeds are so low.

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I was doiing a bit of reading today  and readd this somewhere

Linux dosent aplly traffic control to the ingress

Does it mean openwrt doesnt either


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