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3 ISPs walk in to a bar... (in the UK)


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Army, My ISP contract is drawing to a close in a couple of months,

IMHO¬†the main¬†differentiator when it comes¬† to (UK) ISPs¬†¬†after $$ and¬†support, is quality (latency, congestion etc)¬†cos lets face it speed on avg is pretty much¬†ūüĎ欆for a large majority of the country.

Was considering AAISP but ran into these:




Anyone had any experience with them or have any advice and or other recommendations?. I am doing everything possible to try not to drown in the marketing jargon however since my introduction to this site, I'm now obsessed with all things latency. I've even binned DSLReports for pingplotter and thats saying something!

My Zen line pings at 24 which isn't bad but I would like the option of shopping around before committing to another term.

thanks in advance

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I have nothing but great things to say about idnet.

Great support and very friendly 

Currently with plusnet which have also been great but I'm just about to change back to idnet as they offer monthly contract on adsl and fttc

Should be getting www.gigaclear.net in the next 6 month or so which will be awesome 

Current base ping with plusnet 12ms

My original base ping with idnet was about 18 from memory 

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You have to see if they use their own network or not. In some places it's not uncommon that ISP's simply rent the infrastructure and share it with all the other ISP's. So you log into the ISP's network but they simply all have access nodes on the same fiber network. In that case ISP's performance will not be significantly different. 


A friend of mine in London had a great ping to the server, 7ms. But his game played like he was at 1 bar all the time, probably because of traffic congestion. He changed ISP's and guess what, they plugged in the same network and it was the same for him.


And take marketing with a bit of salt. That link for IDnet states for example: "We guarantee NO contention, NO throttling, NO traffic shaping and NO port blocking across our network." There is a few things in there that is not really possible LOL.


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With idnet and AAISP you get 100% uk tech support. I am with idnet and have no issues. Avoid virgin at all costs there are a few out there with them that swear by them but they are rarer than hens teeth. Ghost is a subsidiary of AAISP also. 

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Thanks guys for taking the time to contribute. 

Yeah I spoke with Leet and Ghost so far. Leet were very friendly and very responsive, even sent me some real world data reflecting the level of quality that users near me were getting. Very keen to help and answer questions. They have several options regarding backhaul options with the most interesting being Vodaphone who are aiming to deliver something based on 5g (I assume FWA)..

Yeah Ghost were good to talk to and apparently they do have a working relationship with AAISP (Ghost MD and either Arnold or Andrew also know each other quite well on a personal level. Right now this is who I am leaning towards.

I will speak to iDNEt on Monday. I'm still a couple of months away but given the "speed" the sector is moving things are changing rapidly and I want to take the time to really make an informed decision. 

Gigaclear is not an option as they have nothing down my way..

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