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Found 7 results

  1. Just wanted check in on an issue , has anyone been recently experiencing internet connectivity issues ? I been on the phone with my ISP. They suggested I connect my CPU directly to my modem, and i get internet just fine. So the problem seems to be with the router. I just wanted to see if anything is going on with the netduma network that may be causing this issue.
  2. Hi all, i want to start off by saying that I couldnt find a solution to this problem from this forum so I thought I would ask because I cant be the only one with this issue. I have just bought a netduma r2 and when i tried to use the quickstart guide my modem wouldnt actually push the internet to my router. I use Spectrum as my internet provider and when i talked with them they said they dont support the netduma r2 as a router. I havent found a way around this with any searches online, or calling my isp to clear it up. I have contacted netduma support but havent heard anything back either. Has anyone had a similar issue? really bummed that the router isnt working after i purchased thinking it would work and I would rather find a solution to the problem than return it. Any help or tips are appreciated.
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Anthony and i recently purchase a Netduma R2 for my household. I quickly realized that once i put my ISP router/modem in Bridge mode that the Wi-Fi coverage in my home from the R2 is quite bad. I live in a bungalow style home built in the 60s. My bedroom in the corner of the house is where i have the R2 stationed, as that's where my setup is. I really want to be able to use the amazing features of DUMA OS, but I need good Wi-Fi coverage in my home as well. Should i maybe put my ISP router/modem in another mode other than Bridge mode such as DMZ (although I don't quite know what the pros and cons of that mode is) or should I look into Wi-Fi extenders or perhaps use an older router that i have as another access point? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance, Anthony Potamianos
  4. Army, My ISP contract is drawing to a close in a couple of months, IMHO the main differentiator when it comes to (UK) ISPs after $$ and support, is quality (latency, congestion etc) cos lets face it speed on avg is pretty much 👍 for a large majority of the country. Was considering AAISP but ran into these: https://www.ghostgb.co.uk/ https://gaming.idnet.uk/ https://www.leetline.co.uk/ Anyone had any experience with them or have any advice and or other recommendations?. I am doing everything possible to try not to drown in the marketing jargon however since my introduction to this site, I'm now obsessed with all things latency. I've even binned DSLReports for pingplotter and thats saying something! My Zen line pings at 24 which isn't bad but I would like the option of shopping around before committing to another term. thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys, how are you doing? I'm just wondering if it's possible that my ISP is having some bad routing or something specifically with the Brasil COD Dedicated Servers. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the only dedicated servers that are located in South America are usually in Sao Paulo, Brasil, for what I understand. I get like 40 / 50 ms ping in every game that has dedicated servers in Brasil (Fortnite, BF4, BF1, BF5 Beta...) and I used to get the same ping on COD but for some reason days ago I started to get like +100 ms ping. I noticed that it depends on the time: around 3 am to 10 am I get the 40 ms ping mark, past that it goes up to 60 ms ping, and later on through out night time it goes up to 100+ ms ping. The weird thing is that this doesn't happen on the other games where I get 40/50 ping constantly all the time through out the day, and my friends that have other ISPs don't get this problem, they constanly get 60 ping all the time which is normal for them. Any help? Thanks.
  6. Hi all. There have been several posts/comments regarding a good isp. Therefore I have decided to add the full official list of the top rated ISP's published by ThinkBroadband for the UK for August 2018. I will post ratings once a month to help UK members decide on a good choice ISP. I hope someone will find this helpful. BD Provider Rank Based on Customer Service (change since previous month) Customer Service Reliability Overall Satisfaction AAISP 1 (=) 99.1% 97.6% 98.8% IDNet 2 (=) 94.2% 90.9% 91.3% Zen Internet 3 (=) 91.5% 89.8% 88.8% Hyperoptic 4 (new entry) 89.2% 86.9% 89.5% Daisy Wholesale 5 (-1) 76.2% 78.6% 77.2% Plusnet 6 (-1) 75.7% 76.8% 75.5% EE Mobile 3G/4G 7 (-1) 72.2% 72.0% 71.6% Three 3G/4G 8 (new entry) 69% 63.5% 65.2% EE (fixed line) 9 (-2) 68.8% 62.6% 63.9% Vodafone Home Broadband 10 (-1) 68.1% 68.4% 69.3% Sky 11 (-3) 67.4% 68.2% 66.4% Virgin Media 12 (-2) 65.4% 66.2% 59.6% BT 13 (-2) 60.6% 68.3% 65.7% TalkTalk 14 (-2) 57.4% 64.6% 62.7%
  7. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tOt2KZVVu_jCpiikd4s6LXhKfyvxomIxsame time every night im getting this unplayable lag in TERA watching port 10001 and that ping shows ther i need help figuring out if this is the router or my isp literally the reason i wasted 200 bucks switching from pfsense id because im sick of the strict nat and not being able to do anything and there was nothing i could do about it i never had this problem with pfsense had a lot of other issues but thats not the point https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tOt2KZVVu_jCpiikd4s6LXhKfyvxomIx i uploaded them in this folder using a Linksys modem, and an 8port switch but the computer im useing id conected directly to the netduma, wifi on the neduma its self is disabled as you can see in the pic, modem specs are docsis 3.0 "up to 960Mbps", ther are 2 diferent routers im useing for actualy wifi that are conected to the switch that are used for phones and the rokus in the house i have seartched the forums and nothing came up relating to my issue plus im not good with forums i honsetly dont get how to really use them and honestly i wasnt expecting a reply at all i post on other forums like LTT and pfsense and i get nothing
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