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  1. Thanks guys for taking the time to contribute. Yeah I spoke with Leet and Ghost so far. Leet were very friendly and very responsive, even sent me some real world data reflecting the level of quality that users near me were getting. Very keen to help and answer questions. They have several options regarding backhaul options with the most interesting being Vodaphone who are aiming to deliver something based on 5g (I assume FWA).. Yeah Ghost were good to talk to and apparently they do have a working relationship with AAISP (Ghost MD and either Arnold or Andrew also know each other quite well on a personal level. Right now this is who I am leaning towards. I will speak to iDNEt on Monday. I'm still a couple of months away but given the "speed" the sector is moving things are changing rapidly and I want to take the time to really make an informed decision. Gigaclear is not an option as they have nothing down my way..
  2. Army, My ISP contract is drawing to a close in a couple of months, IMHO the main differentiator when it comes to (UK) ISPs after $$ and support, is quality (latency, congestion etc) cos lets face it speed on avg is pretty much πŸ‘ for a large majority of the country. Was considering AAISP but ran into these: https://www.ghostgb.co.uk/ https://gaming.idnet.uk/ https://www.leetline.co.uk/ Anyone had any experience with them or have any advice and or other recommendations?. I am doing everything possible to try not to drown in the marketing jargon however since my introduction to this site, I'm now obsessed with all things latency. I've even binned DSLReports for pingplotter and thats saying something! My Zen line pings at 24 which isn't bad but I would like the option of shopping around before committing to another term. thanks in advance
  3. I am astounded at what this tiny company has acheived in so little time. Its easy to forget that in the midst of the various issues here and there. Arguably some ways to go yet but credit where its due. To pull off what they have thus far and not not back down (IMHO at least) in the face of challenges, including a few dummies spat in there direction here and there as they endeavour to support proprietary and (non uniform) 3rd party hardware with such a small team, is a feat in its self.....hats off
  4. I must say the items raised in this thread and the direction of DumaOS sound very promising! re: port forwarding on the Nintendo Switch. On my current router, the difference between the start port and the end port may not be greater than 255 hence to create that 1-65535 port forwarding share, I would have to create multiple port forwarding entries in increments of 255 i.e. 1-255, 256-510 etc up to 65535. According to the internet, many Switch users appear to have this same issue where their routers port entry range is restricted hence DMZ becomes the only option, however there are risks to running DMZ on a router that is DHCP enabled... unfortunately Nintendo's stance is that the issue lies with the router, rather than their online framework/protocol in this regard...
  5. Hi all. Firstly I happend upon NetDuma whilst hunting for a new router having somehow inadvertantly come across SimJC74s videos of the R1πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘. I must be honest in saying I am not interested in Netgear hardware based on previous experience, however I am also wary R1 capabilities are somewhat limited by the hardware (e.g wireless - yes I know many/most of the DumaArmy likely don't game over wifi but considering the investement, the router will still need to be competative in terms of "all round" appeal, no?) so I definitely welcome Lukes comment above re: R2 hardwareπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™... My Q+A questions/suggestion are these: 1. Robust and intuative parental controls including (user defined access profiles to which certain devices can be assigned, the best I've experienced are on the fritz!box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3TTLnHxt0Q but also thinking bandwidth limits, DNS (clean browsing), VPNs etc...) FYI I have an old 7490 fritz!box which I am happy to send you guys to look at if you like. For me its an investment as we have 4 teenage kids and 1 under 10.... 2. Nintendo Switch specific support. I have yet to come across a router that actually allows for opnening of ports 1-65535 (effectively DMZ but not quite) hence to game on line effectively the only option is to allow full on DMZ an already touchy subject in its self. Even then most routers only allow DMZ of 1 client at a time... IMHO a good router(and OS) with Nintendo Switch preferably over wifi in mind, could prove a good move for sales. Apologies if any of the above deemed inappropriate for this Q+A by the Admin, just my tupence as an outsider for now. Thanks P.S. @LUKE. Please kindly check your forum inbox and respond. We spoke almost 6 weeks ago and I PM'd you start of April. @ JACK Thanks for sorting out my forum registration. I am not getting an email notifications though despite registering interest??
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