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  1. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Jack B. Looks like I spoke too soon re: .179. R2 dropped WAN earlier today mid gaming and I had no option but to reboot. When R2 came back up we had lost all the extra wifi Channels and HVPN lost all OVPN file. What had impressed me most earlier was the PS4 being able to game well on wifi from far but after the reboot that went belly up LOL. That said on a clean install + reset of R2, .179 is the most promising FW so far. I know someone mentioned aggressive CC although i had a an intial great gaming experince on this latest FW, I feel that when first testing PING UNDERLOAD in Bench Mark before applying CC, the base reading is too high. Previously in say .69 and .150 my PING UNDERLOAD with CC off is below 50ms in .179 its 200 which will naturally lend to R2 applying aggressive Auto CC (for ping prioritization option). Not quite there yet but going in right direction. I am going to reset R2 tonight and run an AP till that disappearing wifi channels bug is sorted.
  2. Yeah same here. It hasn’t rebooted itself yet since updating. If it does reboot will be interesting to see whether the additional Wi-Fi channels disappear. Good to see HVPN working in this FW.
  3. @Netduma Jack B @Netduma Fraser I very rarely post on the public forum but FYI Installed. Early days yet but so far so GOOD! I am running PPPoE on a VDSL 80/20 real world 57DL 9 UL. The only other R-App I have running is HVPN which seems to be working fine for now on this firmware For the first time I have gone with auto setup on the CC which gave me 50%DL (28Mbps DL) and 11%UL (1(ONE!) Mbps UL!). I have tried Auto CC in the past but always found it glitchy/aggressive in terms of % and never dialled in when gaming to be honest so I always manually set CC to 70/70 or 65/60. .179 public is so far the best gaming session family has had and no impact on streaming at the same time even using auto CC setup. Thats on 3 Consoles on wifi. I also had HVPN running for 2 Firesticks streaming Netflix at the time no slow down and very fast loading of films. I cant say that the in game ping was any better numbers wise however going by feel, gaming was very very smooth. the best yet and Ive been beta testing R2 over a year now. Just thought I'd chip in as i was actually ready to go back to some of the earlier betas just to give the family a break. FYI I installed .179 then did hard reset then switch R2 off for about 10 mins for no reason other than i was busy but just incase that makes any difference. Just to let you know I have not looked into wifi strength or range stats as yet. What I can say is that we have a PS4 quite far from the R2 and gaming was really good on wifi. best yet.. PS mirror mode is off and TP is set to DumaOS Classified
  4. They are still working on this so for now and they suggested starting at 70/70. It also much depends on your line and how active your network is at the time. For me I tend to have my DL at no less than 80 and my upload can vary between 60 and 80. As I understand it Netduma are looking at dynamic CC(?) but for now its a case of playing around.
  5. Who is your VPN provider? If its not PureVPN or Hidemyass then you need to go to your VPN provider site and download/create a .ovpn file. This file can only have one location associated with it. e.g. UK London, USA Miami etc. Go to R2 Hybrid VPN and enter your user name (usually your account number) and your password (your password could be your actual password for the VPN site or it could be a standard password set by your provider for exmpale MullVad password is simply the letter "m" ; becuase in the case of MullVad the differntiator is your username/account number) Open your .ovpn file in notepad and copy the entire contents and paste them in R2>> Hybrid VPN>> Advanced>> Configuartion . Scroll down to the bottom and hit connect. NB. if you cannot see the connect button then zoom out on the webpage so you can see the entire page on the screen and you will see the connect button. when running Hybrid VPN, remember to make sure you disable IPV6 in R2 and only have IPV4 enabled as it leaks DNS and this is something that Netduma are aware of Give each client that you want to go through the VPN tunnel a fixed IP address on R2 and also manually set a fixed IP on the client device, including your VPN providers DNS address rather than having it (DNS) point to R2
  6. is your R2 behind another router (i.e is R" connecting to internet in DHCP mode) or is it behind a bridge modem (i.e. is R2 in PPPoE mode?) IPV6 should definitely work if R2 is in PPPoE mode behind a bridge modem. When R2 is in DHCP mode behind another router, IPV6 has been known to have issues last I knew. Generally R2 is best in PPPoE Mode behind a bridge modem IMHO.
  7. This thing about Wi-Fi is about to change. 😉
  8. I was with zen before and my ping was lower on ookla at about 17ms so i think there is room Right now my backhaul is with TTB so perhaps TTB is not best for me. I
  9. not too shabby but my current service is with "premium" provider and I feel like my upload is choking and there was not much they could do.
  10. I'm about to take the plunge with Ghost. Anything I should know @RedBull2k? @Rdot how are you finding your online experience with Ghost? Give us a review fellas. For me Its this or iDNet. I'm scared of being locked in for 12 months!
  11. Hi Bake. The joys of being a parent huh? I made a request to @Netduma Fraser a while ago during R2 Closed Beta so hopefully they will come up with something not sure when. Definitely a very good idea. Adds real value considering its now staple on similar class competeing products. Not sure where this will stand in terms of priority but what I suggested in the lead up to a complete solution (filters dns etc), is an interim solution where clients can be given a daily allowance/budget of say Xhrs between (a user) defined time of say Y.am and Z.pm where online time is only used up when the client device is actually connected i.e. cumulative. This would allow kids to log in and out as many times but be required to manage their time carefully. Allowance can be increased/decresed too as a reward/consequence 😉. Lets see where they go with it but ceratinly something that is in big demand for many households especially with kids in lockdown.
  12. Yeah. Try disconnecting R2 from everything else other than your laptop. R2 can sometimes be difficult to connect to when its starts looking for an internet connection in the background. Also you shouldn't need to, but try giving your laptop a fixed IP address of and try all LAN ports one at a time. (BTW LAN 1 is the farthest away from the blue WAN port.) Make sure the paperclip is hitting the reset button square on. you should feel a soft click ( some times I fail to get it bang on and fail to feel the click and it wont reset) hold it for 15-20 seconds if nothing happens after a while, switch r2 off /unplug power put it back on again as normal and leave it for a good few minutes (this is what I did when I thought i'd bricked it a while back) whatever you do don't push reset button in too hard
  13. @Stephen A Vaught could you test both stock and your Hi Gain and report back? would appreciate it.
  14. each time you want to change country profile you must upload a new .ovpn file to replace the one that's currently loaded.
  15. hey @Netduma Fraser what QoS & Traffic Prioritization protocol does R2 use is It cake with layer of cake?
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