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-BUG Report- XR500 - dashboard - sudden strange behaviour

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No, you are correct. 
that screenshots were taken before understanding Brave's way.

here the updated
... Qos is still missing in Dashboard (while it work in QOS).
System still miss some.

Overall I'm so happy to have found Brave.
It does things ... that where not anymore possible in FF.

I do a test leaving Duma tab in background in this windows.


Ps: any way to resize IMG pasted here in forum?
(using a 4k they get quite huge!! - it's a 65" 🙂 )


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didnt change anything in Duma from may be three weeks.


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DashBoard update


I'm using Brave with no problem leaving Duma's tab always on,  but may be not "active"...
.... and no issue about Brave.

Situation and everything is absolutely the same from my previous post.

Few minutes ago ...First time after day's boot,  I logged in the Duma's tab and ... TA-DA !!!!

Now I've lost Device Manager, but got a nice colored flower instead!


PS: Yes I checked... all the tabs are working fine.. only dashboard acting strange.
After the check I came back to dashboard ... no more flower but DevMan Tree!


2019-08-01 12 51 10.jpg

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