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  1. Update: While answering Killihippie I switched tab to screenshot a login pop-up. after less then 2,3 seconds FF got stuck using some CPU and nothing else. (checked time with the background clock) Had to Kill and restart. ____________________________________ Just checked some date: Fresh install of W10 Pro on May 26 Duma install - June 17 Alain
  2. (thanks for the Profiles link.) No idea what you are asking, can you be more specific? I'll then post due screenshot. For consumption with Chrome + FF: Only adding some heavy Excel my CPU peak around 60% @4,7Gh That's my last 60 minutes (with a crash reported on next post) : And these are my Specs: CPU 7-8700k - Adata XPG D40 2x8G @3000 - Gigabyte Z390 Pro WiFi ( a second set of Crucial 2x8G are not yet installed) - M.2 Samsung Evo970 500G - M.2 WD green 250G - 2x SSD Samsung Evo840 500G - 1x 3T HDD Seagate Barracuda GPU Gigabyte White Rtx2070 Oc - Itek 240 RGB AIO - CoolerMaster H500P mesh White - Seasonic Focus+ SSR750PX 750W - a White PC with 55"+ 32" + 27" black Samsung's Monitors and Black Sound+ Samsung soundbar ______________________________________________ As per login pop-up I get this in pic Alain
  3. Hu ?? Well, FYI ... that tab issue ...it happens in Dashboard as well in any other part of Duma it was left, ....last time I switched tab. SO I was able to report THIS specific event... BUT I didn't said it was "DevMan" related, didn't I ? If I remember correctly, the idea was "Login Pop-Up" script crashing Alain PS: Palemoon before, and last 22 months FF, have had this config running for at least 5 years without a crash. I don't say it is DUMA the only culprit, 'cause of too many change undergoing in FF in last three months. Strange as it may appear... withouth the DUMA TAB and no Duma running ... FF crash are not frequent (1 on 3 days) with Duma is 3 on 1 day.
  4. I suppose that I can do nothing of what you suggest. I remember you my previous statement: " FF STUCK and stopped not reacting in any way.. " (had to kill it via TaskManager - it was not even showing the top right X) Alain PS: I suppose it crashed trying to pop-up login.
  5. Gotcha !!!!!!!! It happened 3 minutes ago. (I last used "Monitor" window some 5 hours ago.) So 3 minutes ago... I checked this thread tab (blu arrow) reloading it, then switched to Duma's tab. Immediately the yellow strip appeared ( instead of login pop-up) - I clicked on "Stop it" ... ...AND FF STUCK and stopped not reacting in any way... this windows as well the others (had to kill it via Task Manager) Finally I've got a proof that some Duma scripts are crashing my FF !! YAY ! .... dropping the ball on your lap .... Tell me what to do/test next Alain After restarting FF.... Duma is behaving correctly, asking via pop-up the login
  6. yes, exact! Both R6400 and XR500 behavior was that. But it depend on a script.... ...and if the script is not running or stopped.... Alain
  7. Update: (as said before: Not leaving Duma's tab "active" in the minimized windows, avoid random login Pop-up) But it's unusual that re-entering the tab later, during the day, it don't ask to re-log: No login all day long ... when entering the tab. No reason given, may be today is a "special day" Alain
  8. A great thanks.... never tought of it ! 😞 Found this fantastic one... "Tab Session Manager" it allow to move "sessions" between Chrome, FF, Opera ... etc !!! ... and on top: You can save one "session" specific to one "windows" That I dont care to much, it's aggressivity toward money that worry me. It's also the basic to steal, kill, scam, forge, and all bad human actions ! :-)) Alain https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-session-manager/
  9. Update: No Jump-Out this morning. Sequence: PC Boot - W10 in Click on Thunderbird - check mail Click on FF - all windows restore "monitors" windows shows up as active - Click this thread tab Click on Duma's tab - answer the Login pop-up Surprize! The tab acted the way it should! Alain
  10. Well, I can test whatever... ...but it has to make a sense, for me. For me closing all, and not being able to save a "tab's configuration", means then after the test... I have to reopen them all... and I have to remember all that ! 🙂 (sure screenshot will help) The issue present itself in the existing config, and being quite random it wil be a search for "negative". "if it doesn't happen - it's an invalid result" We need it happens in a controlled environment. For sure there is no conflict with Banks & Utilities because the first I check after booting in the morning are the various dashboard in "Monitors". My routine is pretty simple: check mail, check forums, check Solar then Net. This morning for instance I checked this thread, then Dumas. All the other tabs in whatever FF windows where not active and not "waked-up" (FF don't really re-load a restored tab, until is brought to an active state by clicking on it) Alain
  11. Good question, no answer 🙂 ... ... for this reason: ___________________________________________________________ The "Monitors" window and its related 11 tabs are on FF, as are other 3 windows: - "Finances" 10 tabs (Banks, CreditCards, Payments) - "Utilities" 12 tabs (Power, Gas, Net, Phones, Hosting, etc) - "Online-Shops" 6 tabs (Ebay, Amazon .. etc). In Chrome I have only two windows : - "Youtube" 18 tabs - "Space" 9 tabs (all tabs are video-related), but nothing else. ___________________________________ ! ! ! I don't trust enough Chrome with my personal data and personal activities. !!! ( Silly of me? ) Alain PS: What I listed is active and running on my machine from the start-up, plus some other monitoring softwares. For running that plus some games I suppose an 8700k @4.5 & 16G DDR4 @3000 are enough 🙂 Only using Ms-Excel I may reach 100% for more the 3 seconds, so far all the rest usually run under 30% peak. _____________________________ i7-8700k - Adata XPG D40 2x8G @3000 - Gigabyte Z390 Pro WiFi - M.2 Samsung Evo970 500G - 2x Samsung Evo840 500G - 1x 3T HDD Seagate Barracuda Gigabyte White Rtx2070 Oc - Itek 240 RGB AIO - CoolerMaster H500P mesh White - Seasonic Focus+ SSR750PX 750W - a White PC with 55"+ 32" + 27" black Samsung's Monitors and Black Sound+ Samsung soundbar
  12. SMALL UPDATE - I THINK IT'S RELATED. Usually my monitor's window has this tabs sequence. EVENT: When Dumas is not the ACTIVE tab, -and- . I un-minimize "monitor windows" -and- then click on Duma's tab.... - the Login pop-up appear, - and after entering and hitting ENTER.... the Duma's Tab jump out !! ..... opening ...... in a NEW window !!!!!!!!!!! Very strange. Note: That was already happening from the beginning, but I didn't tie it to nothing. You know, just a strange thing of a new piece of software, Click on that tab and reposition it in the "monitors" window at the correct spot. Alain
  13. Thanks, I think we are on a different path. . You are (correctly) looking for an issue INSIDE Duma's dashboard . I try to pinpoint WHERE is the issue. Both we (correctly) think is Duma related.... but 🙂 in a different way. hahahaha. I just arrived at this conclusion: If Duma's tab is active when the "monitors" window is minimized Then I have 90% opportunity of a FF issue... whatever I'm doing in whatever other FF's windows. If SunWay dashboard is active (or another) (so Duma's tab is NOT active) when the "monitors" window is minimized then I have near to ZERO FF issues. (in this case having nothing to note it's always difficult for brain memory to remember) in this conclusion one of the many Duma's script get stuck and crash FF _________________________________________________________ Update: Just discovered what lighted the lamp : When Duma's tab is active ... even while in background, ------- it keep asking, from time to time, "user and pass" !!!!putting the pop up dialog on top... even on a fulll screen game!!!. That never happens if it is NOT the active tab in "Monitors". !!! Lamp-on !!! Wow ... that's pure satisfaction !!!!! Alain Writing time of this entire post 23 minutes 🙂
  14. Exactly the ones you find into the previous integral screenshot. ______________Not Related __________ (but may be) A doubt is mounting in my mind..... ... just a doubt..... From when I installed DumaOs .... ....as a fixed TAB in the "monitors" FF windows... you can see all "monitors" tabs on top on the pic ( 4 fixed windows - Banks, Utilities, On-line Shops - Monitors ... each from 4 to 22 tabs) ...my FF randomly freeze or stop to respond or I get "a script is slowing your browser".. I will do some testing ... to clarify if DumaOSWeb is responsible of that ....or if it's instead one of the last FF upgrades No ideas so far. Just presenting my doubt in case you knows something about it ! (and because this thread is about a script not completing his job) Alain
  15. Ok ... did some testing on my side. It's not a DEVManager related issue !! After some reboot ..... I got the QOS zeroed even if DevManager is not involved in dashboard. Alain
  16. Yes, correct. If I unpin the DevMan ... Qos is correctly displayed. FF in pic. trying some tests. Thanks Alain
  17. And the pics got inverted, instead of in sequence, sorry. Alain
  18. Sorry I'm a slow poster... So almost every time I write ... then edit and upgrade the same post.. Please check, may be you missed something. Sorry Alain
  19. I'd tested that, sorry didn't told. Fresh new screen shot in sequence. 1) routerlogin 4) device manager three 3) idem list 2) dash board report list in every case QOS is garbled. Not having changed nuthing overnight, (because I sleep) It was a morning surprize, surprize..... surprize 🙂 Alain
  20. ISSUE short answer ... YES. Extensions hmm ..... a lot ? LastPass & G translator for both some more for Google (covering missing features) For both see pics below: Firefox Chrome ________________________ incognito Firefox______________________________ ____________________________ incognito Chrome _______________________________________ Alain
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