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11 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

It won't let you click deny at all? If you look at the symbol of the server on the map does it have a white solid ring around it?

Yeah it was a Solid white ring with a square in the middle.. Deny was completed greyed out.

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On 6/17/2019 at 1:45 PM, Netduma Alex said:

That would be because it was classified as an authentication server. Servers that are required to log into the game are always whitelisted.

Yeah right so the Solid ring with the square in the middle is just an Authentication Server? 

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You can deny them you just need to name-allow-close window-ping and then the deny button should be there, it will still force connect to the server every now and then, but if it shows up on the screen just hit the back button to stop connection and wait a few seconds before trying to connect to a better matchmaker, restart the game if it just keeps trying to push for the same server. I have found that as long as the ping is stable on the matchmaking server (meaning not ever 1ms fluctuation) I'll get a stable game host (18ms) even though data center says 25ms and the game feels responsive like it should, bullets don't just pass through people coz they are actually where your shooting at.  Been good on matchmaking servers up to 300ms but process needs to be done over again after 4 or so games as it will push to a crappy one just when you think its all working.

It does take time to find the stable ones but worth the bother once new ones stop popping up, you can sort of filter then

Hope this helps

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