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  1. Thanks, sorry for the delay. Yes, actually, now that I understand that all the servers I was connecting to when in the lobby, where the whitelisted server and when I enter the match I connected to a Peer/server in Brasil, I can say now, I´m playing in servers near me, with 35-45 ping. But, all the servers that are in the area of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro are all identified like Peers. Maybe there's is a way to change this. I will attach here the screenshots of the few matches I had in this region, so you can check them out. And, please check the last one, named Apex LA. This one was very strange, the ping was very low, but on the map, the location was in California, US. Thanks for all the answers!!!
  2. My Router is the R1 and my bios version is R1 Ok, I want to show this screenshot I took now because I think the first one of all servers was confusing... Here I'm using Filtering mode, Strict mode ON, and Ping Assist = 0: But then, this happened: I connect to the lobby and is connected to a server in Texas outside the Strict range. So, nothing change. Strict mode ON, and Ping Assist in=0. If I deny this Texas server, I wouldn't be able to connect to the lobby at all. Maybe the Ping assist is broken, so I can reset the router to factory settings. Does that mean I will lose every setting until now? thnaks
  3. Yes, I already tried this. I never used ping assist in Apex, so my Ping Assist is always 0. And yes, I used Strict mode, and I start to deny those servers outside my range but then I can´t even enter the lobby. I do this an entire afternoon until I get tired and turn off the Geo-Filter and play where ever the game put me. I don´t have screenshots of the deny serves, but I can assure you it´s true. I can´t explain why, but with strict mode ON, it's never choosing the Brasilian server, that is the only server inside my range.
  4. Weird behavior of the Geo-Filter in South America. Hi, I’m from Buenos Aires Argentina, had been playing Apex since Launch. The game has improved very little too, and the game's connection is very irregular. I will try to explain here with screenshots in these easy 5 steps what is happening in every game I had. 1. In the title screen… the Geo-Filter show this. I can see all the servers’ location, including my nearest server in Sao Paulo. 2. Then, when I connect and enter the lobby if I have the Geo-Filter in Spectating mode, the Sao Paulo server is gone and I´m connected to a server in the US or Europe, always. And even, if I turn the Geo-Filter and select Strict mode, it will connect me to those regions. 3. Now with the Apex Legends Lag Fix Guide, I turn the Geo-filter and try to DENY some servers in the US and Europe, so in this situation, I can´t connect to the Lobby at all. 4. So, to play I need to turn off the Geo-Filter. So in the lobby, the Geo-Filter show me that I´m connected to the US, in this case, Texas with 165 ms Ping, 5. but when I enter the map or the Legends selection, the connection change to a 37 ms Ping and I´m connected to a Brasilian Host, which is not a Server but a Peer… That´s all. And for me, it´s weird. I hope this information can help me and others in the same situation. Regardless of this inconvenient I still have fun and very nice games, but if I can improve my hit detection and the lag it will be the best. FYI, I have set up my QoS, and my buffer bloat is +A, so it´s not a problem. Thanks all for reading… I hope this help. See ya!! Alvaro
  5. Having the same problem, but in South America. From Argentina: GEO FILTER ON, and always fail to connect. So, I choose SPECTATING MODE, then I choose (in game) DATA CENTER: Sao Paulo (45 ping), but connect me to : (189 ping), i think in the US. Don´t know what else i can do. Some idea.... thanks! alvaro
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