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pingplotter help needed


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i did some pingplotter tests on my connection and maybe some of you can help me with it.
all of the tests are with the same laptop and same trace adress, also the only thing running on my connection is pingplotter. all wired
i have 250 down and 40 up speeds

first image is with the xr500 and modem bridged (arris connectbox) 


next image is without xr500 modem in bridge mode


without xr500 modem in bridge mode now with a different cable


what do you guys think about this?

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That is possibly either a modem issue or an isp issue. Not sure as do not know the model number but just looked at an arris connectbox TG4292LG and that has the infamous puma6 chipset which is very faulty and is in about 10 million modems worldwide. If  yours has that chipset and your isp allows it go and buy a new modem.


Here is a source of info: https://badmodems.com/Forum/app.php/badmodems




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21 minutes ago, peppipurple said:

thank you for the fast response! 

oh i see my modem is in the bad list xd.

i will contact my isp if they agree.
so also in bridge mode this chipset is bad?


I heard a rumour that being in bridge mode helps, but would you want a modem with a faulty chipset in it, honestly?  :) 

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  • Administrators
22 minutes ago, peppipurple said:

well i asked my isp if i could buy my own modem, but that isnt possible.

now i need to send them some pingplotter tests so will be doing that.

i hope they can do something about the laggy gaming experience...

Did they explain why? Usually you can replace the modem. 

(Moved to Technobabble subforum too as you may get a better response there).

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9 minutes ago, peppipurple said:

no they didnt tell why.

i heard they also use a technicolor tc7210 anyone know if that is a good modem for gaming?

That should be good (Broadcom chipset)

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  • Netduma Staff
22 hours ago, peppipurple said:

haha yes it looks like it. i will try some pingplotter test when im gaming today so i can send the results to my isp.
i hope they can do something about it

Good stuff. Let us know how it goes. They should definitely be aware of the Puma 6 issue, so hopefully they can act on it!

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That dsl reports test shows that his modem had failed. Basically what that test does is send small tcp requests and what the test looks for is consistency in latency in those requests. Everything look good until boom! The very end of the test shows a 750ms variation. When I see that from others that have posted there results they look very much like this one.. Looks like a puma6 chipset footprint to me..

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  • 3 weeks later...

after some time now my isp changed some settings in the modem. but still my connection is very bad afcourse.

i asked them aigan if i could buy a modem of my choice. this guy told me that i can do that.

now is my question what modem is the best to buy? i only use it for bridge mode and use wifi and lan ports on the xr500

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