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  1. thank you for the reaction. i followed those guides and made a few changes. i had some time to play 3-4 games of bo4 they did feel pretty awesome for the first time i won't change anything now for some days just to see if it stays this good. can you look this pingplotter image and what do you think of the packet loss it happends on hop 4 and 5 for the most time. also when i start playing bo4 my ping goes up, is this normal? from 10ms to 23ms
  2. i played different games they all seem to stutter and lagg. there is no reaction time for me all i do is die instant. bo4 and fortnite is what i played latelly, both are pretty bad.. i have tried a lot of settings in my xr500 nothing seems to work out for me. i bought a new ps4 pro (i thought maybe my ps4 is the problem) i have a new ips (dsl) this did give me stable ping but still lag everywhere i had cable before so this line is way different the modem i use: experia box v10A on this i have my xr500 in the dms of the modem because there is no bridge option, i disabled wifi on the modem and i only use xr500 on the lan ports so everything goes throug my xr500, the only thing connected with my xr500 is ps4 and 1 phone. i also play on a benq 1ms monitor i did some pingplotter test my ping stays about 20ms.in game ping in fornite also stays about 20ms and bo4 is like 30-35ms ping i also did some speed test with dslreport but i cant get stable ping with it compared with bufferbloat on the download and upload. how can i check if i lose frames or if it is my connection? im lagging for years now i also tried r7000 nighthawk also didnt do anything for me. is there something i can do? im getting pretty anoyed over this XD
  3. after some time now my isp changed some settings in the modem. but still my connection is very bad afcourse. i asked them aigan if i could buy a modem of my choice. this guy told me that i can do that. now is my question what modem is the best to buy? i only use it for bridge mode and use wifi and lan ports on the xr500
  4. haha yes it looks like it. i will try some pingplotter test when im gaming today so i can send the results to my isp. i hope they can do something about it
  5. i also found this test test on dslreport, what does this really tell me?
  6. no they didnt tell why. i heard they also use a technicolor tc7210 anyone know if that is a good modem for gaming?
  7. well i asked my isp if i could buy my own modem, but that isnt possible. now i need to send them some pingplotter tests so will be doing that. i hope they can do something about the laggy gaming experience...
  8. thank you for the fast response! oh i see my modem is in the bad list xd. i will contact my isp if they agree. so also in bridge mode this chipset is bad?
  9. hi, i did some pingplotter tests on my connection and maybe some of you can help me with it. all of the tests are with the same laptop and same trace adress, also the only thing running on my connection is pingplotter. all wired i have 250 down and 40 up speeds first image is with the xr500 and modem bridged (arris connectbox) next image is without xr500 modem in bridge mode without xr500 modem in bridge mode now with a different cable what do you guys think about this?
  10. hi, i am using a xr500 with qos and geo enabled i was wondering what option is the best to use for ps4 cod gaming. dms, port forwarding or upnp. most of the time i'm playing with 1 friend. also if we play together the connection seems so much worse compared with solo. this friend only uses his isp modem and lives 1km away from me (same isp) sorry for my bad english xd cheers
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