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Welcome to the forum.


And to answer your question, well that's kind of a personal choice thing.It all depends on what your looking for in regards to your home network set up.


The Nighthawk is a great dual band router with the new Duma OS already installed on it 


And the Netduma R1 is a great little piece of hardware but does not have the new OS on it yet but we'll get it sometime in April.And just so you know the R1 is 2.4g only no 5g.


So if you have fast speeds and a large home, the Nighthawk might suit your needs better as it has both 2.4 and 5g and a huge WiFi range.


So it really is up to you on which one fits your network better but both are excellent choices.


Also something to think about is do you have an ISP that has you using proprietary equipment...such as an all in one modem / router combo from AT&T.In that case go with the Netduma R1 as your stuck using the ISP's equipment.And you can just put the R1 in passthrough mode and still get all the benefits of the R1.


Just though I'd give you some things to think about before you purchase a piece of equipment,so you make sure to get the one that best suits your needs... :D

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Welcome to the forum buddy. In my opinion the only reason to go r1 would be the price difference. The XR500 future proofs you due to the hardware spec. Internet speeds are increasing worldwide and unfortunately the R1 wifi is limited to under 100mbits and some of the features won't work at high speeds (if I recall correctly 400mbit and above for wired). 


You can get round Wi-Fi issue if you have another ac router by putting it behind the R1 in access point mode. But the high speed QoS unfortunately will not be possible on the R1 due to the processor.


Hope that helps :)

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