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DNS Servers on Ps4 network


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They can make a small difference somewhat, but it depends on your networking circumstances. Go here https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htmland download the dns benchmark software. Once you finish running it, it will tell you which dns servers are the best for you. They will indeed help load your pages faster as kevo stated and increase your internet speeds depending on your situation. They can either increase or decrease your up,down when you run internet test on ps4. There are hundreds!!!!


Alternatively, you could throttle your connection just from dns servers. go to https://public-dns.info/and select the dns servers from the country furthest away from you. Place it into the ps4 and bam, your connection speeds should be crawling. Take it from someone who has ran every test there is to run in the world, there is no one stop shop when it comes to getting the upper hand on the guy trying to kill you. I've yet to find that magic setting. Happy hunting!!

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