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  1. My tv won’t work unless it’s plug into my combo modem. I guess I can’t work around this?
  2. Wondering if my pvr recordings would interfere with my gaming experience? if i unplug my pvr i get a much better ping. ww2 gaming has been a head ache which i know but how do i know when the netduma r1 modem is really working properly?
  3. Do we know of blizzard servers will be better for this cod tittle than previous games?
  4. Absolutely patience will pay off during this 7th inning stretch! I can’t wait for the finished product though
  5. I have lots my cable can I use any short wire instead?
  6. Yeah I always play on FPS1 with my ps4 rgb range at full. It plays better than the setting try recommending on https://displaylag.com/benq-xl2430t-review-144hz-gaming-monitor/
  7. I changed my HDMI cable and it seems to be better last night on ww2
  8. Maybe the monitor is not working well with my ps4 than. I’m looking to get one for just gaming period.
  9. I called my provider and they say my connection on there end is perfect so I don’t get why my experience is crap. Typical any game gives me flicker frame issues. I don’t really get why is there so many ways to setup this netduma. Not everyone gets the same results appears to me that this modem is more useful in the uk than the network over here
  10. I have the benQ xl2430t. would a upgrade help out my gaming experience? i feel like this monitor is ment for pc gaming only though
  11. yeah im still finding out from ping plotter why the software is crashing consistently before i open it. maybe imac is too old for the operational software.
  12. do i enable upnp after i dmz my combo modem with the netduma?
  13. I’m getting 9-12ms off the Seattle server. I live about 200kl from That dedicated server
  14. I have 3ms speed ping with speed test and netduma internet diagnosis is hitting 7-9ms. So my my line has a issue still? Ping exceptional jitter exceptional spikes exceptional packet loss no loss Am I missing something here?
  15. I spent the last 2 years hoping this device would help me but all I get is a headache and waste my money upgrading my isp package. I have a better gaming experience with my current combo modem. This is such a let down for sure. All I do is hope this next update will help me. Netsuma powering down!!!
  16. My combo is my Telus t3200m. Any settings I should change on it to make no interference less of a headache
  17. Through my iPhone but I’m getting some big issues
  18. I got figure out why ping plotter keeps on crashing on my iMac
  19. I’m changing up my setup to see if this helps. I have pure fibre 150/150. Would it better to install combo modem-netduma-tplink or combo modem-to link-netduma. I’m looking for a better jitter connection though. My ping at the moment is 4-9ms with 10ms jitter on average. I get a lot of frame issues with my ps4 but maybe switching a few around will help me out. Would anyone have any ideas to fix it
  20. My base ping is 30-50ms off ping plotter. So maybe it’s me finding the right server that works for me
  21. would ivp6 give me a better ping test? all my test are super low on ping so i'm wondering why o get frame issues playing.
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