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  1. I think Lukes timeframe of a few weeks is better then giving people an actual date as you can see that whenever a specified date is given and there are setbacks, they receive unnecessary derogatory comments, end of the day the R1 works pretty well as is.
  2. I had this problem on IW on ps4 and it stopped when i signed out of psn then signed back in again, if your on xbox then i dont have a clue sorry
  3. The ports being used from 30000 - 65535 udp sport and dport are the connections to the dedis and port 3074 is used for player communication, the rest who knows lol
  4. Thanks for the relpy Fraser
  5. Hi guys, when selecting network monitoring and clicking on the graph to view ports in use, is there anyway of telling if they are tcp or udp ie colour coded, i know it identifies tcp 80 and 443 as http and https but i was wondering if there was a way of knowing if the port in use was tcp or udp.
  6. I might be misunderstanding your question Raddy but i think you have to manually input the dns server you want into each device.
  7. RoyDavis77


    Got this from wiki... "S/N ratio is defined as the ratio of signal power to the noise power, often expressed in decibels. A ratio higher than 1:1 (greater than 0 dB) indicates more signal than noise." so sounds like the higher the better to me, but then again im not a networking guru....yet!!
  8. I think that DumaOS has caused more drama, debating, confusion and uncertainty then brexit (but wont take so long for its conclusion).
  9. I think what he was saying in the video was "sverdy blurdy yurdy ferdy sverdy" or something along those lines
  10. Sorry to hear that Big Dog, i hope they find some way to help you, they seem to be progressing now days with new treatments for things that were thought impossible in the past, i wish you well.
  11. Sorry to be a pain Fraser, but am i correct in thinking that dumaos will be an upgraded gui without the bugs from the original, and the anti-jitter/spike will be implemented further down the line?
  12. Its suppose to but i have never got it to work on cod, first console connected gets an open nat, the other always moderate, it will show in upnp that another port has been opened/forwarded, but in game still moderate.
  13. Do you have another console on your network using the same ports as even when you have upnp enabled, call of duty only seems to have an open nat for the console using udp port 3074, ive yet to find a way of having both consoles get an open nat, always one or the other.
  14. Hi Swift, sounds like bufferbloat on the downstream, do you have your cc sliders at 70/70? should help while downloading to keep the ping more stable.
  15. If you have geo-filter disabled you can not ban the server, when you say it doesnt work when enabling is this after you turn geo-filter on as there is an anti cheat feature on the netduma which takes 2 minutes i think.
  16. i found a permanent fix to all of my cod lag problems..... Hold the ps button down, scroll down to power, select turn off ps4...had no laggy cod games ever since
  17. If it says the rule already exists, that may mean that the port is already forwarded and open (or you have given it the same name as an existing rule).
  18. RoyDavis77

    WWII Fix Yet?

    It might take a while as Mr Condrey is waiting for his new tesla in racing yellow.
  19. There has always been one server in Australia though hasnt there? i wonder why you had better games on iw, cant be due to distance to server.
  20. Maybe we need to apply a cloud update on the netduma? not much else i can think of.
  21. Seems to be the complete opposite when it comes to an Activision game, low ping minimal jitter = trash connection and high ping/jitter = unstoppable spongebob with wanted bullets.
  22. I have never seen any servers in Ireland either, ive seen a screenshot of someone elses geo-filter that had a white circle around Ireland and he was in America, also seen something about it being a demonware server, no idea why it isnt showing on my geo-filer.
  23. It was a bug in the code of update 1.05 that caused them to take the dedis offline, they are gradually bringing them back on starting in USA.
  24. With all these problems, i am impressed with sledgehammer, i can never remember a call of duty before where the developers have been updating the community as regular with information about problems, the reasons for said problems and doing thorough testing to get the dedis back up after a code in Fridays update caused issues (confirmed on their twitter). Seems like they are really dedicated to making this a great call of duty, might even bite the bullet and get the game if they manage what no prevoius developer has for the past 14 years.
  25. Yeah IW servers are active as that is what im playing at the moment, not ready to part with my money for ww2 just yet lol, seems i was right to wait at the moment, they obviously didnt do a very good job on stress testing the dedis during the beta, even i figured that there would be alot more players this year with the return of boots on the ground, yet a multi billion pound company like activision couldnt anticipate such a senario, shocking.
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