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Give Me Something To Listen To!


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Seeing that the off-topic section of the forum is somewhat overrun by troubled people's topics and me being bored by music I'm currently forcing myself to listen to, I thought I'd rely on people here to do something more off-topic like. That is, get me something to listen to! 

How about you guys here share your likely strange taste in music, so people like me, who tend to listen to various genres of music, can have an easier time finding something good to listen to?

I'll start with a song myself, so we can call it a fair trade.


Ed Geater - Steady Strides (ENiGMA Dubz Remix)


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Holy crap guys, loving all of this! 

This is a new song from my band.

Our new album is out 21st April :)



Damn that's nice, love it!


I'll give you some of mine, beware though I frequently get told I have the worst music taste in the office.

I wouldn't say that, your taste is great. Loved both of them, especially the first one.


Yussef Kamaal - Black Focus


Favourite track is 4.30 in




Beautiful. I usually listen to similar kinds of music when I'm working on stuff with my computer.

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I know you might be messing about but that is a great piece.


...And now I've lost two hours to youtube because of you.


The complete 4 Seasons is a Masterpiece.

Visited Venice 2 years ago to honor this guy.

Antonio Vivaldi is by far my favourite composer

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