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  1. Hi and thanks NA I will try to get a screen shot. As for the Dashboard. Ive tried leaving it for ages before i leave the page, but it just keeps jumbling up every time, to the point of were i dont bother with the dashboard anymore. Which is a shame because i have to keep jumping from tab to tab. Having it all on 1 page was brilliant. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  2. For some reason my Geo Filter is not working correctly. I keep getting connected to various dedis and peers that are outside of the radius. Ping assist is set to 0, strict mode on, fast search off and the geo filter is concentrated around the U.k. For some reason it likes to connect me to the westcoast usa dedi which I ping 20ms to, but the connection is not great. Im having to deny a lot of these dedi that i dont wont to connect to. Im on Ps4 when I do connect to the UK dedi my ping to those is around 9ms. Any Ideas guys?? Anyone esle having these issues?? Its not a big problem for me, just wanted to know if its a known issue. Also On Duma Os It doesnt like to keep my Dashboard Settings, everytime i move from that page it jumbles up my layout. Anyone had this problem also?? TIA
  3. Hi Fraser Have tried incognito/hidden on both Firefox and Chrome as you asked and its the same. The panels are from top to bottom: Geo Filter Map Network Overview next to AutoPing Anti BufferBloat Network Status, Devices, Cpu Usage, next to each other Bandwidth Allocation
  4. Hi Admin Tried leaving it for over a minute, still keeps getting jumbled about whenever i go back to my dashboard. Could it be a setting I have on Firefox which is the browser I use?? Also tried it on Chrome same thing. Anyone else experiencing this??????
  5. When setting up my Duma Os dashboard layout I cant seeem to get the layout to stay in the order i have set them to. So if i go from my dashboard to lets say the Qos and then back to the dashboard, all the windows are not layed out how I positioned them. Any ideas what im doing wrong?? TIA
  6. Seems to have worked! Im finally playing on Dedi`s. Good games!! Thanks for the help FraserπŸ‘
  7. Not sure the cloud flush worked because the error message caame up again, although i did give it 5 minutes before pressing the ok button. Restarted Bo4 I have geo set to include uk, french, german and dutch Dedi`s. Ping assist to zero, have also tried 30ms ping assist but it just gets me P2P. Strict mode on. Qos set to 95% each way and devices set to filtering Tried it still just P2P.
  8. Yes tried the cloud flush but keep getting this error message come up : Error: The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App. My Qos is at 95% up and down. So i dont think its causing a problem with the Cloud Flush. I did try going back to original R1 firmware but that to was just giving me P2P so I went back to Duma Os. I have noticed that in Bo4 it says i have a Moderate Nat. I did have Upnp ticked, still couldnt connect to dedi`s. So I port forwarded and unticked the Upnp thinking it might work, but it hasnt. Still have Moderate Nat, Do you think that is why i dont connect to Dedis? Its doing my head in. πŸ‘Ώ
  9. Anyone got any ideas how I could get to play on Dedi`s? For some reason when i boot up Bo4 with Duma Os, servers all show up as triangles. Its really unplayable on P2P even when connected to a 20ms Peer. Constant rubber banding and host migration.
  10. I to can throw a stone and hit my cabinet!!!! Most ive got via wifi is 50 down and 15ish up with a ping of around 15ms throught the R1. After reading your post I took a look at my tp link Archer vr900 settings and the bitswap and sra were both ticked. I might try and do a wired speed test direct to the Tp link router. πŸ‘
  11. Interesting topic!!! I to am with TT. And have a similar line and speed to yours. The speeds that are showing upstream and downstream, do you actually get those speeds when you do a speedtest??? I caant seem to get near what mine says!! Just interested to know 😁
  12. All sorted. Had the wrong address for the R1. Thank you all!!!!πŸ‘
  13. I have the same problem, ive tried to clear cache. It still reads the same 404 error.
  14. Ive had the white boxes in screen. and then half way through the game it host migrates. I thought it was just a bad connection to the host.
  15. I hear you Sim!!! They really should have sorted the network side of the game buy now. With all the money they make, its a joke. With the latest 1.07 update I thought it would have sorted the issues we have been having, but instead the Black Market and the micro transactions took presidence over having good online playability. Unfortunatley I fall for it every time, because I really like the way the game plays when the connections are good, its just to hit and miss though..... excuse the pun😁
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