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R1 Task Force(my review)


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It took me some time bot i finally finish it.





 R1 Task Force

(Average Joe(not the gun thought)experience)


Hello there……  to start with a bit about myself. I have been a gamer since I can remember all this old-school titles you can name I probably have tried. Before getting in to online gaming I woes rocking hard on first pcs and PlayStations an so the time have passed to the point when I came across a game called Ultima Online and this is where my love to online gaming started. Don’t know if anybody of you have ever heard about this game I loved it bot the most important thing there is that I loved competing with other players and starting for a scratch getting better and better and destroying opponents after opponents witch were real people just like me .

Really form there my passion to gaming really evolved around online I did fish some single player tittles bot as the time went buy more and more online and when I finally reach Call of Duty I started form Modern Warfare why you may ask? Well lest say I have had a unplanned break in my biography. So I have been playing COD yes defiantly a fan boy all the times since then. That is why I got here in first place.


Now I want to say that all I will impress here it is completely my opinion and experience you don’t have to like it or agree whit it it is up to you Like it or smash it to garbage.


Going forward as my journey wit COD started my journey with ways to improve went on. At the very beginning I just sucked at it no doubts about that. Yet after some solid hours in to the game I stared noticing that no matter what I did or how hard I tried I woes getting nowhere. Buying headsets Control Freeks and Scuf controllers did help a lot ( never bot I modded controller I am abisous man never wanted to cheat if I woes going to get better it woes going to be only by improving my skills  ) bot I could never get to the spot I wanted to get years in to the game  and still in this position I started to youtube my anger and found out people had actually named and prove things I woes suffering form. It woes at that point when I realise what LAG woes before I woes thing LAGING meant losing frames like when you tried to play a game on pc that doesn’t even match minimum requirements.


Here the troubles haven’t end I woes traing all sort of stuff I could possibly find on the net to fix the LAG I did all the MTU DMZ  port forwarding Trottling net speeds and so forth. Some of this stuff have helped a bit some did nothing so more o less I woes still at this same spot. During that time I came across youtube channel //www.youtube.com/user/simjc74 his contend helped me a lot so I BIG TUMBS UP FO YOU MAN! I remember when he told me about the R1 NETDUMA and later on posted a video about it and the really action with it and I woes like wow and at this same time a bit sceptical as nothing so far did a day and night difference to my gaming and to be completely honest it woes going to be  my last purchase to improve my gaming if that router didn’t work I would quit online gaming sell all the stuff I had I look for a different hobby.


So I got my R1 in the times when you have to wait till 8:00 and have a really fast reaction as they were going in seconds something like black Friday TV sets. And here is  something I did wrong because one thing is to have that router to help you out and second thing is you ISP and service you are receiving you could have the best equipment and yet get nowhere if you internet connection sucked like me did plus the PSN / XBL it’s a thing you have to consider(I got my NetDUMA in the times after the Christmas and all the hacker attacks) if they are struggling you my to as this is where all your online gaming takes place and then you have cod serves status witch not always is good. So  like I sad I did it all the wrong way at the beginning and my First week  woes as bad as before the duma maybe a little change. Having sad that I started to seek help here on Forum and boy did found what I woes looking for YES. Frist thing First the both PSN and Cod servers are back in order( I recommend to any of you to spot check them every now and then to see what you can expect while playing) and also my Connection form ISP ist a lot better( this one though I am still in a battle with them to improved my connection as I woes getting a lot of jitter and packet loss  if anybody is interested I can give you guys tools that woes recommended to me on this forum by grate people that I use to diagnose my connection though in a some days I will make a separate post about that exsack thing  ) and I woes experiencing a lot of frame drops and I woes thinking that woes laggin bot not my ps4 woes standing and I play with the dick so I place my console flat now and almost all of that its gone. Having improved all the stuff at my end first I plugged the duma once again.


WOW its my expression after using R1 for about a month with things done or working on on my end of the stick and with the settings tuned to my preferences ( here is the thing like I am still testing where is my sweet spot like for example last week I moved my location from uk to Germany just to give it a go and I have had some very nice time playing and what I do for now I keep it there with ping assist set to 25 just to include the uks dedis witch are not always so good even though I ping to them less then to the German ones)I have had the best times playing cod in years. Here I want to say that at first I thought this router is here to give you and unfair advantage over everybody else( to give you this extra second ahead of them mostly)bot IT IS NOT the porpouse of it is to make it as even as possible ( and even with a good ping to the host laggy players can connect to the game and have advantage over you I have seen that some many times like once playing FFA and there is this guy in a lobby he goes like 30/4 and rest of the lobby 4-6/10+ no one can stop him then the match is finish he obviously wins the lobby stays this same no player lives so we start new match and all of a sudden this same guys goes 5/10 and lives in the middle of the match so its clear that it woes not his skills . Another example FFA I got 3 games 4+ kd same players all this lobbies and then 4  game still this same players I struggle to go on + kd an so on) Bot what have change is the balance between them where before I woes getting 1 good game in 10 now it is 1 bad game maybe 2 in 10 games. Like I sad above it have put me in a even position most of the time when everything works on my end as well as PSN and the COD side. My general observation is also that on ps3 and xobx360 things are a lot more consistent witch makes perfect sense to me as those consoles have been around for years now so the whole infrastructure is a lot more solid where current gens are still in a face of development in my opinion( I may be completely wrong here ) and also the servers are not so over coruded witch makes them run smother an you have players host in those games where in AW I play only on dedies. Now my progress in game is amazing I started using R1 my kd woes 1.19 no it is 1.35 my win lose ratio woes 0.7 now is almost 1 ( 0.96) if I check weekly lead boards my kd is about 1.7 to 2+ monthly ones are  1.8 + I am currently in first 1.5 k of players in FFA in total and weekly and monthly if I have enough time always in first 500 .You can go to COD tracker and type boloMALAN and PSN and you can see some of my progress unfortunately I started it just 19.02.2015 so I doesn’t show the full progress since I got my R1. Love the hit detection just love it . Before I woes getting just a lot of blood thirsty medals(5 kill streak) where now I almost have 100 10 kill streaks medals about 15 15 kill streaks medals and 3 20 kill streaks medals and 1 25 kill streak medals. Next the scores streaks before I just run those that build up even when you die, now I don’t use them at all I can sometimes get my full streaks twice in one game of FFA( UVA -+ treat detection, Booming run+ Hidden, and Assault drone +rockets and AI controlled. I picked up a HBar and use it whit duma as I have not used it previously cause it woes just to slow I woes loosing every gun fight now I am almost 1.7 kd with it. Another thing is I have accualy came across people asking me to leva the lobby beacouse I woes beatsing or sanding me PM saing same thing or just calling me all sorts of thing BTW I never knew that people calling me bad names can acculay fell good if you know what I mean. In the end of this part I would like to say again that if you are like me average player this router wont make you a 3 kd slayer cause your skill are not like this Yes some people have done this jump bot their skill is a lot better so I suggest don’t base you opinion on this router just because someone posted nice video or show is K/D relation form past few games and it woes all above 6 and you are not getting that(that woes my thinking at the beginning ) u have to have in mid this things like he may be very skilled player this is his best score or best game play I have those moment to where I go 30-2(with the duma I have had m first 15 kd and 17 kd games) and  so on bot it is not every single game like now I 5 h play I can get 3 games where I go negative or 1 game where I rage quit so many times a lose a gun fight cause my aim sucks ist only 16.6 so this router is not gona make you see enemies   behind the walls or shoot for you or make you ahead of competition. It didn’t make me a COD GOOD or Monster(I woes kinda expecting that at the beginning)simple because I lack on many essential skils like my positioning and spawn control or aim. it give me a real chance to work for it. it will do its best job to put you on EVEN GROUND.


Now a bit of the community around the Duma cause its not only the company or just a forum in my opinion it’s a small DUMA ARMY growing in numbers every day and expressing my experience with the router whit out mentioning the community would be and in complete picture. I have never came across such a customer service as provided by the Cave of Justice team, support is pretty much 24/7. Living in London for some time now and also different countries I got use to being a bit les important as the locals and here is my big surprise as for this company I am important they wan me to be as happy with my gaming as possible ( I really feel this way that their porpouse is of course to make money bot yet even more important is to make us happy)Therefore I don’t meter to them where you from what is you orientation and religion etc we are  all a big gaming family and I can really feel that form the company and community. If I could describe in 4 letters how a feel about it would be #FGBG(for gamers by gamers). Now second peace of this lovely pie is the community one again so many times I have seen o various forum when someone have posted a simple question and got responses like you idiot or google it or you noob etc . NONE of it have happened here as I woes  and still am very low knowledgeable guys if it comes to networking so therefore I have ask some silly question and every single time I woes answered with under sending and respect kindness and tolerance WOW those days its difficult to get all of those form people in real life and net communities are full of abusing/trolling people who just wait to publically hate somebody so ye there you have it. Now things live events where we get together to play like we did in uk for one evening (every single team woes rage quitting even clans though) lovely chat room, help you can receive on any subject like people helped me with monitor etc. It is absolute grate to be part of this like been given opportunity to help out as admin for me did a big difference meeting felos gamers struggling with common shit and finding common solution bind us together. I am checking forum on a daily basis just I thing I do now became a part of me.


Now if I think about the future there is so many things that can acculay happen the team is working always to get us even more stuff this product have evolved so much since it woes lunch and now the are working on future called anti-Jittery( maybe one day it will finally make a coffee) so I can only assume what else they can come up with or what the R2 , R3 will be capable of. Yebs future looks bright if it comes to gaming for me I am so looking forward for the next COD 2015( that have not happened for a long time) to see my stats etc whit the R1 right for the start. Once again a big thanks to all of you that have helped me bringing me to competitive level most of the time.



I would like to finish on this sentence:


Using R1 for gaming its like drinking milk form the milkman wife’s tits.


I don't know how it works on twitter bot anyway #FGBG

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Wow amazing review Luaksz, really appreciate it. I feel the same way as you about the Duma community. Its the absolute best, everyone helping each other out. Its great!


PS Your written English has improved so much man, keep it up!

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Quote : Using R1 for gaming its like drinking milk form the milkman wife’s tits.

Haha couldnt of said it better myself :)

Nice write up lukasz.

thx my frend me pleasure
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Guest Netduma Fraser

What a great read! You really put time and effort into that, so cool! Thank you so much for all the kinds words, it really means a lot to us. Who's cutting onions in here?! :')

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Wow thats means a lot tome me thats so many people have take time to read this as i am a were its a bit of read yebs i took me some time to complet moustly on lunch breaks thx guys

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