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  1. For whatever reason, one side of the TB is that way where it plugged into the controller adapter. I noticed it's the same on both though. One has the 3 on one end and the 4 on the other so Ita probably not that issue or is hear no chat at all.
  2. I'll have to look at the cables I have. I only recall 3. I'll figure something out. It's too good not too.
  3. I have one if I can find it. What about the ends? 3 lines as opposed to 2? The astro cables have 3.
  4. After looking around just now it seems it's a common issue. The problem is the lack of inputs and outputs. Looks like the DSS 2 may solve it or maybe a splitter would solve it?
  5. I put everything togehter late last night and tried to do a quick search. Everything I saw was using it with a normal usb pkug in gaming headset. I got sound no problem (which was eargasmic) but couldn't hear chat. My friend could hear me fine. He said I sounded clearer than ever. I'll do more research today when I have time. I think it's the whole mic/chat adapter thing.
  6. Pretty awesome except I can't get the Mic to work with the DSS.
  7. Already in Harrisburg PA yesterday. I'd be surprised if they didn't show up tomorrow.
  8. So there is a difference between the silver and black? Shit, I just assumed it was color. I've been using the same Astro A50's for going on 4 years now (not without some repairs) but mine seem to be the cause of a lot of echo in party chat. So much that one of my friends replaced his thinking it was him. I like the sound and ease but I know what good cans sound like son I'm super excited. I won't be able to compare to the silver set, but I'll definitely give you my full review. I can DM you in Twitter if you want.
  9. Items marked as shipped. Can't wait. Thanks again.✌
  10. That's the plan. May even bust out an astro mixamp if I can find one cheap.
  11. @Zennon,done. All 3 on the way. Thanks forbrhe advice.✌
  12. So I'll still need it regardless. Makes sense.
  13. So if I use my DSS I can skip the adapter correct?
  14. Okay, I ordered the black ones for a few bucks less and they were available prime (by Tuesday so most likely Monday)
  15. I'd imagine it's worth the extra $15 to get it Amazon prime in a few days instead of wait 20 business days for a direct ship from China.
  16. Wow. I've been looking at the Sennheiser's, AKG's and others trying to figure out where to go. For that price I'll check them out.
  17. https://www.modaoperandi.com/dolce-gabbana-fw15/embellished-headphones?size=OS Probably go with these and the Antlion.
  18. Totally. Although sometimes it messes with my head. I swear those footsteps were over "there".
  19. Do I need an amp with the Antlion? I think I used to use my Turtle Beach DSS if I remember correctly.
  20. It works well. I used it with the old headphones but I want to try something larger than the V-Moda set I had before. I had the antlion as well and was impressed but got a deal on the latter previously so I sold the antloin.
  21. Does anyone else have the V Moda Voom Mic Pro? I have one that i ised to yse with my V Moda headphones. I gavw them to my son a while back because I didn't like the way they fit my head. Im looking for another set that I can use the boom mix with, without much bullshit. I like the Sennheiser HD cans bit there is a bunch of work to make it happen. Anyone who has any experience please feel free to comment.
  22. Mixed reviews? Honestly, 28" is a perfect size. I'm not used to playing on a big screen but the 49" TCL I just bought is surprisingly good and easy on the eyes. The size worried me but I'm a believer now. https://www.amazon.com/gp/your-account/order-history/item/ref=oh_aui_i_d_old_o3?ie=UTF8&gen=canonical&itemId=jomntuossosuqn&orderId=113-3683223-1085016&packageId=1&returnSummaryId=&returnUnitIndices=&shipmentId=D58qv0Nyk I'll still use my monitor when the time is right, but a 4K Smart TV for this price was a no brainer. It hot really good ratings for video gaming as well.
  23. https://www.rtings.com/monitor Oops. Wrong link.
  24. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01BYU0GVC?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_yo_pop_mb_pd_t2 I still have this but bought a 4KHDR TV last week. The problem with the Asus is 60 hz, freesync doesn't work with the One X and it's controls are a bit wonky. It also doesn't always come right out of sleep mode. Great monitor but to have HDR it's hard to find in an affordable monitor right now.
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