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  1. For whatever reason, one side of the TB is that way where it plugged into the controller adapter. I noticed it's the same on both though. One has the 3 on one end and the 4 on the other so Ita probably not that issue or is hear no chat at all.
  2. I'll have to look at the cables I have. I only recall 3. I'll figure something out. It's too good not too.
  3. I have one if I can find it. What about the ends? 3 lines as opposed to 2? The astro cables have 3.
  4. After looking around just now it seems it's a common issue. The problem is the lack of inputs and outputs. Looks like the DSS 2 may solve it or maybe a splitter would solve it?
  5. I put everything togehter late last night and tried to do a quick search. Everything I saw was using it with a normal usb pkug in gaming headset. I got sound no problem (which was eargasmic) but couldn't hear chat. My friend could hear me fine. He said I sounded clearer than ever. I'll do more research today when I have time. I think it's the whole mic/chat adapter thing.
  6. Pretty awesome except I can't get the Mic to work with the DSS.
  7. Already in Harrisburg PA yesterday. I'd be surprised if they didn't show up tomorrow.
  8. So there is a difference between the silver and black? Shit, I just assumed it was color. I've been using the same Astro A50's for going on 4 years now (not without some repairs) but mine seem to be the cause of a lot of echo in party chat. So much that one of my friends replaced his thinking it was him. I like the sound and ease but I know what good cans sound like son I'm super excited. I won't be able to compare to the silver set, but I'll definitely give you my full review. I can DM you in Twitter if you want.
  9. Items marked as shipped. Can't wait. Thanks again.✌
  10. That's the plan. May even bust out an astro mixamp if I can find one cheap.
  11. @Zennon,done. All 3 on the way. Thanks forbrhe advice.✌
  12. So I'll still need it regardless. Makes sense.
  13. So if I use my DSS I can skip the adapter correct?
  14. Okay, I ordered the black ones for a few bucks less and they were available prime (by Tuesday so most likely Monday)
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