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  1. Awesome video! Looks amazing, so excited for you guys!
  2. Be respectful to one another, mobel is Just trying to help, he is giving you decent advice, although it isn’t helping your situation.
  3. So ping and network latency is just one piece of the puzzle. there is input lag, network compensations, your response time, and controller lag. If you are on a pc you can experience issues with peripherals. So I don’t think the Netduma is meant to be a silver bullet. the next thing I’d check is my input lag, living room TVs have this issue the most commonly. Make sure you have the tv configured for gaming, this is unique per tv so google the model number and input lag and how to game on it. Then follow the steps normally you have to do something like use input 1 change the input name or just use the right kind of connector. You can have up to 200ms input lag. Which is the same as having bad internet lag. By the time you see them you are being shot. you want sub 10ms input lag.
  4. If you are using GeoFiltering you shouldn't be having too many high ping issues, no matter dedicated or p2p. Although with p2p it is possible to be closer to the host and still have a high ping
  5. Both members (titofuenla and Kudarat) need to let it be and ignore/block one another if they are unable to communicate in a respectful manner. I am not playing favorites this isn't the topic to yell at one another. Thanks for understanding and please be patient with your fellow man.
  6. I am personally sorry that you feel betrayed and are hurt from the actions of Netduma. Let me ask you a very real question, do you know how NDAs work? Because you act like they came out all look at the new Netgear router when that was just part of the netgear terms to buy their os...You are their customer, they do love you...don't feel hurt because they had some success, celebrate it with them and look forward to the future... to dwell on the past is to admit you have no future.
  7. i use a pfsense as my main router then have an access point and have the netduma on it...works fine, just know how to handle a double nat and you will be fine
  8. abc123

    I Feel Inspired

    that's a touching story
  9. my guess is no, since they don't make money on their software they make money on people buying their hardware. They count on gamers to always want the best of the best and that's how they make money.
  10. I think it is most important to realize a couple of things: 1. Netgear will only have a couple of DumaOS features as they aren't using the same OS but just some of the addons of it 2. When you buy a netduma you are buying the software not really the hardware.. I have bought countless routers and then switched out the OS for openwrt/dd-wrt/tomato...but none of them work perfectly and it always ends up being a frustrating endeavor. With DumaOS you are using OpenWRT which is perfect and they have then modified it heavily for their features and to make it work perfectly on the hardware. That's what you bought...the time it takes them to perfect the software to the hardware...i never used the R1 wifi...and i get that people are mad about it...but buy an access point, they are better than any routers wifi... If you bought a R1 within the last couple months and want a netgear instead sell it and buy that...who cares? i mean the netgear won't have all the dumaos features so why is that even an argument...you are just wanting different hardware, once again you are paying netduma for the software, a big hint to this is netgear a world class hardware manufacture of routers PAID netduma for their software? so...think before you get angry? All in all this partnership will allow for more devs to work on DumaOS and hopefully we'll see these types of features only improve more over for the R1 and netgear routers.
  11. a long long time ago i bought this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006GEPUYA/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 it works and worked...i can't guarantee it won't completely fry your electronics...but it is all i can suggest. i used to have a post about it but i can't find it...sorry
  12. http://wiki.netduma.com/doku.php?id=why_is_my_speed_lower
  13. damn that's a good price, and nice test results @Mod
  14. abc123

    Low speeds

    honestly i recommend using http://www.dslreports.com/speedtestit uses multi-server testing to give a more accurate accounting of your speed (ie can test to gig speed)
  15. too true! i never tested it but if you do a network monitor (Google Chrome -> inspect -> Network) does the JSON payload returned contain the password? It hopefully doesn't, i just never checked
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