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  1. Microsoft had been moving all party chat servers to dedicated servers so it's up to nd to address these servers and whitelist them.
  2. I think you'll find majority of people felt they had no choice but to try the beta fw as the .56 fw is fundamentally broken for users. Would of saved alot of trouble if it was hot patched a year ago.. anywho goodluck to people still using the xr500. My suggestion is stick a router behind the xr500 with openwrt and use cake and use the xr500 in ap mode
  3. Xbox uses 3075 for cod as 3074 is used for teredo. So it would be 3075:3075 to 1:65535
  4. Thankyou, all it is is some servers need white listing. Hopefully this doesn't take too long. I like dumaos on the r1.
  5. Ahh ok well they were warned about this. So what is netduma going to do about this? Can't use dumaos because no party chat but this version im on is way old and probably a security risk...
  6. Hi, yes its the xbox alpha skip ahead program. Alot of changes have happened in the past 2 years with party chat. When on dumaos and a party is joined, a bunch of servers pop up that are enabled and all read as azure data centers. Never see my friends on the geofilter individually any longer. What do you think could be causing the party issues?
  7. Back on the firmware before dumaos launched and everything works fine. Most likely what somebody mentioned before the firewall needs to be adjusted but seeing as the other routers are out I doubt the r1 will get any loving in regards to this.
  8. still happening on R1 latest dumaos build. Returned xr500 today while I wait for my edgerouter to arrive I decided to give the r1 another crack. No issues except that xbox party just doesn't work same issues has been ongoing for months. Oh well guess some things will never work
  9. How is is strange he couldn't get internet through the xr500? You literally acknowledge the dhcp bug but lie straight to people about these glaring issues 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ man this is such poor customer service. It's clear Dumasos 3.0 won't be out for ages. Will netduma just be transparent with their customers. Cmon mate
  10. Hi, this is fixed in latest xr500 beta dumaos 3.0. So a fix will be coming for everybody soon. I opted for a static ip but its still distributed via dhcp so no dice. Yep a bug with the xr500 caused this now i don't have any dhcp drop outs even when rebooting via the gui. Hopefully dumaos 3.0 becomes stable soon.
  11. Agreed, best thing you can do to make it fairer is cap your upload speed severely.
  12. Yep agreed. Too many assumptions and not enough proper evidence. Just alot talk to be honest. Like the cod upload speed measurement has nothing to do with how good or smooth the game will run. It's a snapshot of your upload speed to that server at that given time lol anything could cause it to drop or raise due to traffic in or out of your own network. The point is this is a load of crap. Mw runs smooth when it wants to regardless if you use duma router or not. Regardless of what your tick rates say lol its all to do with cods netcode and lag compensation. Have no other issues with any other games in regards to this.
  13. The current .56 build for xr500 is more stable currently. Wouldn't worry to much.
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