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  1. The r1 has been broken with party chat for well over a year now. I dont understand either why it hasn't been fixed. For a device made specifically for gaming yet a core function of gaming is broken is beyond me. Find another router mate.
  2. The wan ip is it a public facing ip or is it in the private range?? You have just given contradicting information above thats all.
  3. Is your wan ip lan doesn't matter. Do you have much experience in networking. If not I would say to simplify your setup.
  4. But your post mentioned above saying the router has a ip?? Is this correct?
  5. So why does your dumaos router have a private ip address? If connected to that modem which is a modem only it should receive a public ip??
  6. Not sure if Germany dsl uses DLM profiles like the UK. For cod you want servers with an average ping of 25 to 40ms as it's the sweet spot.
  7. Netduma is using a custom qos script, fq codel with a few changes I believe. Cod runs better without qos, anything with a simple bandwidth limiter will suffice. Try cod with qos disabled and see how you go.
  8. Cod doesn't like qos, I use openwrt with a simple upload cap of 500kbps and 20000kbps download. The way the cod algorithms work is quite counter intuitive. The slower your connection is the less times you get messed over with lag compensation. Ymmv
  9. Would never pay somebody to setup your networking. Learn your preferences, adjust accordingly and make micro adjustments as needed. Gaming specifically has a few points of which is different amongst players, server ping based on players home location, isp setup both in and outside of your control, your lan setup and qos. There's so much more than this aswell as these are some of the main points. If you choose to learn yourself, its so valuable that any device you use for networking you can apply that knowledge.
  10. I emailed them, just so you know that we are covered over here by the ACL. Thanks for your help.
  11. Terms for what? You sell a product advertising wifi yet it doesn't work lol hello. Can I please have the return details. I've owned this for a month now. Or get somebody to PM me. Cheers. You've told us customers a fix is coming yet there's no fix, then go ahead and say you can't return after 30 days... dude that's pretty bad considering you are telling people wait a fix is on the way but if you wait too long and we don't provide a fix, as it's happening now that you are screwed.🙄🙄 I emailed the address listed in the tos. Thanks for your help. Sorry for hijacking your post Hayden.
  12. Been hearing that since the r1 about waiting for the next version... seriously though you might wanna think about getting the r apps sorted and fixed asap to be able to roll out fixes much faster. Im very close to returning my r2 aswell due to wifi just plain and simply not working or dropping out. In fact how do I go around doing this so I can get it organised? I need functional wifi for the kids and my mobile devices at home. Cheers
  13. Yeah nice thats the same as me, being able to have the servers details at hand to troubleshoot if iam having/seeing issues. Id recommend an asus ax86u that what ill be moving to shortly, the r2 just doesn't cut the cheese in regards to wifi, general stability and performance. My edgerouter x outperforms it and it costs $75 vs $250 for the r2. Goodluck mate
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