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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Last week I upgraded to DumaOS for my R1. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into lobbies (Bo4) and it took forever to find players. I even tried to use COD profile but nothing helped. I then downgraded to original firmware. Atleast i can now find lobbies without problem. Is DumaOS a fail for R1? It would be soo amazing to get it to working.
  2. Hi Jack, I followed as you asked and glad it finally worked...!!! you guyz are awsome..!! Thank you for the support.
  3. Hi Jack, thank you for the information. To solve the prior problem, I have now uninstalled the VPN app and I can now access the R1 interface but the internet speed is very slow compared to the begining. However, the slow download speed is not just on my desktop but also on any of my other PC or macbook. For example, I tried to connect my MacBook pro via Ethernet cable to try the internet speed and I am again getting not more than 40Mbps. I checked the Turbo mode, 100% download cap etc. as shown in the screenshot below.
  4. Hi Fraser, the only other thing I have with me is the Virgin Media Super Hub with which i get no problem at all. With Super Hub, I am getting 200+ Mbps download speed, and no problem using VPN. As for the initial problem of not being able to access R1 interface, I have stopped using VPN for now and can access R1 Interface. But I dont know how I will be able to access R1 interface without Netduma router because you are asking me to try different router if I am not wrong. Pardon me if I am wrong, but now the issue is just getting worse by not getting the normal download speed I was getting prior to this problem. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I did as you asked. I turned off firewall from Bitdefender. Also, I tried to delete the Firewall rules and re-add it. Unfortunately, nothing seems helping. This problem only started after installing Nord VPN app and not immediately, but after couple of weeks using VPN app. The only way I can make it work is by Uninstalling the VPN app. Also, to add more pain to the already existing trouble, now my Internet speed is down from 200 Mbps (at least) to 45 Mbps (max i get).
  6. Hi there, I do have Bitdefender Total Security 2018 installed that controls my Firewall. My Nord VPN application is allowed both ways. Also, my Chrome browser is also allowed both ways. And sorry, '.148' was a type, I do access via
  7. Hi there, I am using Bitdefender Total Security 2018 AV. I checked the firewall on it and Chrome browser and Nord VPN application Incoming and Outgoing both are allowed.
  8. Hi Jack, thank you for the suggestion and I have tried as you suggested. However, problem persists. I normally access the interface from the google tiles that are created by most visited sites and R1 interface is one of them. I even tried typing the link but no joy.
  9. Hello there, sorry for late reply due to being away for few days. To answer to your question, yes I can connect to the internet with or without VPN and browse websites with VPN on/off, no problem. I also tried other browser but this problem persists.
  10. Hi Fraser, yes i can connect to the interface from my macbook pro with or without VPN on.
  11. Hi Fraser, I have checked my IP address like u advised and it's already on automatically obtain IP address. I still have the same issue. VPN on = can access R1 interface, VPN off = cannot access interface. weird.
  12. I don't think I have set up my IP address to static. How do i know if my IP address is static?
  13. Ok, I think i figured out what's the issue. I am using Nord VPN and I am using their vpn application. Whenever I am not connected to servers via VPN, I cannot access to the R1 interface. But, when I am connected to the VPN servers, I can then access my R1 interface. Any idea why this is happening? I also have VPN browser plugin which i figured out doesn't work in relation to the installed Nord VPN application.
  14. Hello, for past 2 days, I am having trouble accessing my R1 browser interface. My desktop is connected via Ethernet cable and has internet access. I can browse internet, play online games etc. but cannot access the R1 interface. However, I can access the R1 interface from my MacBook pro which is connected via WiFi. I looked into the forum for help and tried to 'Reboot', 'Factory Reset' the router but it don't seem to help. Please check the screenshot below for the error I get on browser.