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  1. yeah I just wanted to know could someone take advantage of a bad connection to help them with the use of party chat as it also requires a constant connection, thanks for the response
  2. hey, I am ok with this account thanks as it's my youtube name and just glad all fits now with ps4 being my official name and now this just a few more changes and all will be great cheers. Also, I think it would make an awesome addition to the hardware and software give people a chance to enjoy just pure gaming knowing they got the power of netduma in their corner doing all it can sorry didn't know i wasn't signed in grrr lol
  3. Just a quick Question also on the p2p party chat, if someone has a terrible connection and they are also using party chat in such as black ops can this have an effect on connection to others such as lag through shots etc ??
  4. I mentioned this before but would like to ask again, my idea is to have the Netduma OS run speed tests itself and help config the upload and download speeds itself to give you the most out of the connection. raise and lower depending on the time of day to help reduce bufferbloat and maybe also run a speed test in the background to try and give the lowest ping possible, so we don't have to keep tweaking after most games to find that sweet spot.
  5. if we report the dedicated servers would they be added???
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